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Macrame is a fun craft that virtually anyone can learn with minimal technical knowledge and few tools required. The best macrame kits have everything you need to jump into this craft: when your kit arrives, you can start knotting and creating your own beautiful piece without delay.

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25 of the best macrame kits for all levels

We’ve rounded up our top picks for the best macrame kits for all experience levels and with various price points. These kits include different projects, from wall hangings and plant hangers to accessories and jewelry.

1. Semi-Circle Macrame Wall Hanging DIY Kit

Semi-Circle Macrame Wall Hanging DIY Kit
Source: Etsy / Daslia

Wall hangings are a classic of the macrame genre, and a rite of passage for anyone starting out in the craft. This kit is perfect for beginners, with a simple project that will let you craft your own stunning two-tone decoration even if you’ve never tried macrame before.

Each piece is made with two different cord colors – you can choose both the primary and secondary tones, with 22 options from subtle beiges and pastels to bold, vibrant hues. The kit comes with all the materials you need to make the wall hanging and also includes instructions and a link to a video tutorial so starters can follow along.

2. Large Macrame Wall Hanging Kit

Large Macrame Wall Hanging Kit
Source: Etsy / Daslia

If you want to make a large wall hanging to fill a big wall or make a real statement piece, this kit is for you. Like the above kit, it comes with everything you need to make the wall hanging, including a dowel, instructions, and macrame cord available in a wide range of colors.

Although bigger doesn’t necessarily mean more difficult, this one may be a bit challenging for absolute beginners. However, it’s a great option for someone with a bit of macrame experience.

3. DIY Fall Leaf Macrame Wall Hanging Kit

DIY Fall Leaf Macrame Wall Hanging Kit
Source: Etsy / Daslia

Another of our favorite picks for the best macrame kits, this one will let you make a beautiful wall decoration that you won’t believe is made of just cord and beads. It features three or five stunning macrame leaves (depending on the kit you choose) hanging from a piece of dowel.

Better still, you only need basic macrame techniques to complete the project, so it’s a great place to start for first-timers. You can choose between wooden or printed wooden beads, and customize the colors, allowing you to go for fall tones, blues, greens, or whatever color scheme you’d like!

4. Solid Oak Lacy Squares Macrame Wall Hanging Kit

This macrame kit will let you make a classic, retro-style wall hanging featuring a geometric square pattern. It’s perfect for beginners as it comes with detailed step-by-step instructions that show you how to tie every knot you’ll need to complete the project.

You’ll be able to make this cute little wall decoration in a few hours, making it a fun way to while away a rainy afternoon, and it’s suitable for young crafters. The kit comes with everything you need, including a bit of extra cord for good measure, so you’ll have plenty even if you make a few mistakes!

5. Three-Feather Wall Hanging DIY Kit

We love this design for its modern take on the macrame wall hanging, featuring three plush macrame feathers suspended from a piece of driftwood. You can choose three different colors in a range of subtle, vintage hues or stick with one or two tones – it’s up to you!

Despite the stunning, professional look of the final project, this decorative item is actually pretty easy to make, so the kit is suitable for all levels. Although this isn’t the cheapest kit on this list, it is a high-quality product you’ll feel good about investing in.

6. Macrame Wings DIY Kit

For a truly unique and spectacular macrame wall hanging, take a look at this project. The kit gives you everything you need to make an impressive set of angel wings that are more than just a room decoration – they’re a work of art!

The kit comes in three color schemes: black, white, or rainbow, each offering a very different aesthetic. Go for white for a classic, angelic vibe, black for an edgier effect, or rainbow to bring vibrancy and joy to any space.

7. Pepperdell Designer Series Owl Macrame Kit

For something a bit different, try this fun macrame owl decoration. The Pepperdell kit will let you make not one but two cute two-toned owl in green and blue cord.

Like all the best macrame kits, this one contains all required pieces for two complete projects, including a wooden oval bead for the beak, two rings, and two plastic eyes with fasteners. Online reviewers note that the instructions are a bit unclear in places, so this is probably better for intermediate-level crafters.

8. Christmas Tree Decoration DIY Kit

Macrame is a fantastic craft for making your own Christmas decorations. These cute and simple macrame tree ornaments would also be perfect to brighten up a nursery or child’s bedroom.

The kit includes cotton cords, wooden rings and beads, and an instruction sheet with various color options – from traditional seasonal themes to soft pastels. It’s an easy, beginner-level project that would make an excellent gift for little ones and keep them entertained during the holidays.

9. DIY Macrame Snowflakes

These snowflakes are another beautiful Christmas decoration that are also easy to make. Craft them as a gift, keep them for yourself to brighten up your tree, or give the whole kit as a gift!

The kit includes enough premium macrame rope to make seven snowflakes in a combination of white along with luxurious white-gold and gold lurex, all in 100% recycled cotton. The snowflakes are a range of designs between three and seven inches in size.

10. Round Plant Hanger Macrame Kit

You can’t get much more 70s than a pot plant in a macrame hanger, and this one is the peak of retro chic. The kit will let you make a stylish plant hanger up to 60 inches long.

Like the best macrame kits, you have a choice of colors – natural or pink cord – so you can choose the one that best suits your décor. Or if you want the hanger alone, the same seller offers ready-made versions too!

11. Colorful Retro Macrame Plant Hanger Kit

Here’s another cool, retro-style plant hanger, with a comprehensive kit that includes cord, a ring, and instructions. It’s available in a wider range of colors – seven in total – including dusty pink, mustard, and peacock.

What we really like about this one is that the seller also offers refill kits. Therefore, if you want to create a matching set for all your plants once you’ve finished the first project, you can order more supplies without the instructions.

12. Macrame Hanging Shelf DIY Kit

This design is another take on the macrame planter hanger: it’s made of a wooden shelf suspended by intricate, twisted macrame cord. In fact, you can use it to hold not only plants, but crystals, ornaments, books, or virtually anything you’d like!

The kit includes pre-cut macrame cords, a wooden dowel, and a 12-inch by five-inch pine shelf, all wrapped and ready for gifting. You can choose between several colors of cord and a light, medium, or dark wood stain, so the shelf will blend in seamlessly with your room décor.

13. Wall Hanging Planter DIY Macrame Kit

We love this project, as it combines two macrame classics: the wall hanging and the plant holder. The geometric wall decoration will hold one medium-sized pot plant for a stunning addition to your living room, kitchen, or bathroom wall.

The kit includes step-by-step instructions and a knot guide, so you can attempt this one even if you’re new to the craft. You’ll also get some pre-cut and measured 100% cotton cord and a one-of-a-kind piece of driftwood from Cape Cod to hang your work.

14. DIY Macrame Plant Holder and Wall Hanging Kit

If you’re after a more minimalist aesthetic, this streamlined, simple macrame kit is the perfect project for you. The kit has everything you need to make not just one, but two macrame pieces: a plant holder and a wall hanging.

The beginner-friendly kit comes with a detailed pattern and is simple enough for anyone to make. It comes with everything you need including wooden dowel, rings, and beads, as well as cord in natural beige and light gray.

15. Elegant Dream Catcher DIY Kit

Dream catchers are another great craft idea for macrame, making this one of our picks for the best macrame kits. This design goes way beyond the dream catcher you had hanging in your bedroom as a kit, with an elegant aesthetic made from luxury cord, wool, and feathers.

You can choose your primary color from a range of options, including white, natural, pink, and lavender, and add a splash of color like mustard, sage, or teal. The price of the kit varies depending on the colors you choose, and all materials are high-quality, eco-friendly, and locally sourced wherever possible.

16. Custom Name Sign Macrame Kit

With this cute project, you can also customize your macrame wall hanging, whether for yourself or a loved one. The completed project or the gift itself makes a lovely gift idea for weddings, baby showers, or mother’s day.

You can customize the kit to any name and choose between three different design styles and a range of colors for the cord. You can also request either a single or double name for the 10-inch sign.

17. DIY “Miss Moo” Macrame Cow Kit

This Western-themed macrame wall decoration has a very different aesthetic from most projects in this craft. We love the funky design that uses intricate knotwork and integrates a piece of wood representing the cow’s horns to hang the piece.

The kit contains a cotton cord, dowel, button eyes, a wooden ring, pre-cut craft wire, and sewing measuring tape, but you will need your own tools, like scissors, needles, and a hot glue gun.

There are also customization options, such as replacing the dowel with a piece of driftwood and adding a cowbell, at an extra cost.

Though it comes with complete instructions and the designer is available to answer any questions, it’s probably not best suited to complete beginners, as it is a more advanced project.

18. DIY Macrame Coaster Kit

Another great, easy project for beginners, this kit will let you make a unique set of coasters to add a retro touch to any room décor. A range of kits are available, from two to 10 coaster sets – and in 12 different colors.

It also makes a great gift for anyone who loves crafting, or wants to try macrame! Remember, though, that the kit doesn’t include written instructions, only a link to a tutorial video, so it’s not ideal for learners who prefer written guides.

19. DIY Macrame Rainbow Kit

This adorable macrame rainbow makes a great decoration for any nursery or child’s bedroom. You can customize the rainbow to any six colors you would like from a choice of 30 options and place them in any order you like.

Along with step-by-step instructions, the kit includes 10mm 3ply cotton, colored cottons, and a natural wooden bead. You will need a couple of extra tools to make the rainbow, though, like scissors and a hot glue gun.

20. Macrame Mini Key Chain Kit

This key chain is a small, easy project ideal for beginners or anyone who wants to quickly whip up a cute gift.

Available in beige, sage, or blush, the kit includes 100% recycled cord and hardware for one keychain. Instructions aren’t included, but the seller does provide a link to an easy-to-follow YouTube tutorial.

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21. Macrame Moon Wall Hanging Kit

Although relatively simple, this project is quite involved, so you’ll need to allow more time to complete it than some of the others on this list. At the end of it, however, you’ll have a stunning moon wall decoration with string lights that also acts as a night light or mood lighting.

The kit comes with a moon-shaped macrame base, string lights and batteries, twine, and full color instructions, as well as two reams of cord in your choice of beige, blue, or gray.

22. Macrame Bag DIY Kit

You can make much more than room decorations with macrame: it’s also excellent for making accessories, like this cute bag. This is another beginner-friendly macrame kit, as you only need to know a few basic knots to complete the whole project, which you can finish in just a couple of hours.

The kit contains everything you need, including 100% cotton rope, gold-colored handles, and detailed instructions. It’s only available in one color, though: a natural beige.

23. Design Works Macrame Purse Kit

This is another cute, retro-inspired macrame accessory you can make if you have a bit of macrame experience. The kit comes with detailed instructions and enough white cord to make a seven-by-eight-inch purse with tassels and twist details.

The materials are good quality and made in the USA, and the instructions are easy-to-follow. However, it involves some more complicated knots and techniques, so it is probably better for intermediate-level crafters than first-timers.

24. DIY Macrame Earrings

Macrame jewelry is also fabulous, especially for a boho, vintage vibe. We love the simple yet exuberant design of these macrame earrings, and the kit is beginner-friendly, including clear instructions as well as all the required materials to make two complete sets of earrings.

These include 24 carat gold-plated hoops and 100% recycled cotton, available in your choice of two colors. You can pick any combination from dusty pink, to terracotta, to natural gold, and plenty of other colors in between. You will need a few extra supplies to complete the project, such as a ruler, comb, and glue for best results.

25. DIY Macrame Bracelet Kit

For another piece of stunning macrame jewelry that’s easy to make, take a look at this bracelet DIY kit. The intricate design features woven waxed threads around a natural stone offset by brass beads.

With the kit, you’ll receive quality Linhasita macrame thread, beads, a natural stone, and PDF instructions available in both English and Spanish. You also get to choose between six different natural stones, including obsidian, turquoise, and tiger’s eye.

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Final thoughts

The best macrame kits contain everything you need to make a stunning macrame piece, whether a wall hanging, plant holder, purse, or a piece of jewelry. In some cases you may need a couple extra tools like scissors and a hot glue gun, but most of the time you’re good to go with what’s in the box!

This makes these kits awesome gifts for crafters of all ages, or a nice present for yourself. Most of them are beginner-friendly and even suitable for people who’ve never tried macrame before.

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