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One of the best things about the internet is the amazing blogs you can find on just about any topic. Knitting is no exception: there are a large number of knitters who have turned their passion for knitting into popular blogs.

The best knitting blogs to follow

We’ve pulled together our favorite knitting blogs from across the web. Rather than simply selecting the eight sites with the highest rank on Google, we’ve chosen the eight blogs that offer the best inspiration, advice, projects, and patterns for knitters of all levels.

Some of these blogs supply comprehensive guides to knitting or extensive libraries of interesting knitting and crochet patterns. Other blogs on this list are a much more personal affair, offering heartfelt stories as they describe a blogger’s adventures in knitting – offering a great mix of personable and basic instructables.

And if you enjoy reading a paper book or just don’t want to rely on the Internet connection, we also have a roundup review of our favorite books about knitting.

1. Noble Knits

We love Noble Knits because it’s the perfect mix of knitting advice, guides, inspiration and patterns. You’ll find loads of projects on here, most of which can be finished in a weekend.

Noble Knits knitting blog home page

This blog has a very personal style, with down-to-earth advice and the occasional story above knitting mishaps that we can all relate to! The blog has patterns, guides, and advice, all presented with honesty and an authentic approach to the craft.

Started by stay-at-home mom Nancy Queen more than 20 years ago, Nancy has built a wildly popular knitting blog as well as an online knitting business. The blog features free patterns for knitted and crocheted garments, accessories, and home décor items.

There are also plenty of handy guides for beginners to more advanced knitters, covering topics from how to knit with particular types of yarn to how to execute specific knitting techniques. If you’d like to develop your skills further, Noble Knits offers a range of online courses.

Courses include a complete beginners’ introduction to knitting, shawl and cowl boot camps, and an intensive 30-day growth course. Overall, Noble Knits is a fantastic resource of patterns, advice, and online learning for knitters of all levels.

2. Little Cotton Rabbits

Little Cotton Rabbits another authentic and highly personal blog. Blogger Julie shares her twin journeys of knitting and parenting her severely autistic son.

Little Cotton Rabbits knitting blog home page

The blog features heartfelt stories about Julie and her family, as well as plenty of knitting projects and ideas. Julie specializes in knitted toys, with stunning a huge range of adorable knitted bears, elephants, rams, and pigs, as well as cute clothing and accessories for the toys to wear.

She shares a large number of free patterns for knitted toys and access, as well as more patterns that you can purchase for reasonable prices.

All of the patterns come with detailed tutorials complete with beautiful photos to walk you through the process step-by-step. This blog has a wealth of ideas for fun and stunning toys, not only knitted animals but also projects like Christmas tree decorations, Easter egg decorations, and knitted cupcakes.

Along with the detailed tutorials showing you how to make specific projects, Little Cotton Rabbits breaks down specific knitting techniques and stitches, from Swiss darning to mattress stitch seaming and stranded knitting. Julie also offers some of her own adorable knitted animals for sale from time to time through the site.

3. Yay for Yarn

The tagline of this blog is “creativity made simple” and this sums up what Yay for Yarn is all about: easy ways to embrace your creativity. This enthusiastic and knowledgeable blogger shares her joy for yarn crafts of all kinds with cool projects and detailed video tutorials.

Yay for Yarn knitting blog home page

One of the strengths of Yay for Yarn is the volume of patterns and projects. You’ll find a wealth of free patterns and tutorials, from sweaters to summer tops to cowls, scarves and hats, for hand knitting, machine knitting and crochet. There are also more knitting and crochet patterns for purchase, starting at a couple of dollars per pattern.

There are over 100 tutorials in total, geared to help beginners tackle their first project or enable more experienced knitters to finally master a certain technique. Most of the tutorials include comprehensive videos to show you how to create a particular project or execute a particular technique, walking you through the process step by step.

With these approachable tutorials, you can learn beginners to advanced knitting and crochet skills, including counting rows, using a knit gauge, knitting lifted increases, and choosing the best yarn for different purposes. You’ll also find handy tips to help you execute the perfect project, from casting on to binding off.

Yay for Yarn strives to create clear, easy-to-follow tutorials for knitters of all levels and it truly succeeds in this respect. They are also very responsive to questions and supportive of their community, helping knitters to resolve their issues and complete perfect projects.

4. Yarn Harlot

Knitter and blogger Steph Pearl-McPhee shares her personal adventures in knitting, crafting, and life in general. This highly-personal blog is full of stories of every day and special events, featuring plenty of knitting inspiration, projects, and ideas.

Yarn Harlot knitting blog home page

Steph imparts her passion for yarn, showing just how fun knitting can be, all told in a funny and relatable way. Her posts are deeply honest sharing her failures as well as her triumphs, from poignant personal moments to humorous adventures with yarn.

Far from only posting the picture-perfect projects that turned out exactly as planned, Yarn Harlot details them all – including those that weren’t quite right or fell flat completely. This is something every knitter can relate to, and is highly reassuring for beginners to know that even the most experienced knitters don’t always get perfect results!

5. Olive Knits

This blog is run by long-time knitter Marie Greene, who has been knitting since she was 11 years old. The site is packed with great patterns and ideas, especially Marie’s incredible seamless sweaters that were the blog’s original inspiration.

Olive Knits blog home page

Along with patterns for seamless sweaters, the blog has plenty of other seamless patterns to buy, including wraps, shawls, and hats. All the garments emphasize classic, effortless style, and are designed for people of all shapes and sizes.

Marie is also highly supportive of the knitting community, seeing it as her mission to share the joy of knitting as widely as she can. Along with plenty of ideas and projects on the blog, she has a weekly podcast to inspire creativity in others.

She also runs workshops, where she teaches knitting skills, creative confidence, and what she calls “renegade sweater techniques”. You can take classes with her online or in person, or join the waiting list for her hugely popular Knit Camp. 

She even has an active online community of former and current students who support each other and connect over their shared love of knitting.

6. Knitting Pattern

As the name suggests, this site is packed with knitting patterns for women’s and children’s clothes as well as a large range of accessories. The majority of the patterns are available for free, while some need to be purchased as a digital download.

Knitting Pattern blog home page

This is a great place to look for a specific pattern, or to browse through the options to find the next project you want to make. There is a huge range of patterns for women’s knitted garments, including sweaters, ponchos, dresses, and skirts.

There’s inspiration for every kind of knitted accessory you can think of – and some you probably would never think of! Along with hats, gloves, and ear warmers, you can also make headbands, cowls, slippers, purses, and backpacks, thanks to these innovative patterns.

You’ll also find patterns for knitted toys and mobiles, as well as home décor items like pillows and dishcloths. All patterns can be downloaded as a printable PDF, complete with materials, gauge, and photos of the finished item.

7. Modern Daily Knitting

Knitters and bloggers Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner have built up a thriving community through Modern Daily Knitting, or MDK for short. The community is full of enthusiastic and passionate knitters.

Modern Daily Knitting blog home page

As the name suggests, MDK provides knitters with daily reads about all things knitting: from how-to guides and “knitalong” projects, to cool new yarn finds. The site features a range of designers, writers, and teachers who share their knowledge and passion.

It is an inclusive site that caters to knitters of all kinds, levels of ability, and styles. You’ll easily get lost in the rabbit hole of projects, patterns, inspiration, and tips and tricks.

The “how to” section answers frequently asked questions on just about every tricky knitting subject you can think of, from lace links and choosing the right cast on, to how to fix variable knitting gauges. There are also unique and interesting projects, with detailed instructions and tips for success.

You’ll also find some fantastic patterns, yarns, and tools on their shop, selected by knitters for knitters. All proceeds from the shop go to support the site and the free content it providers to its readers.

8. Ravelry

Ravelry is a fantastic resource not only for knitting, but also for crochet, design, and dyeing. This blog is packed with ideas and inspiration thanks to its community-based format.

Raverly knitting blog home page

This means you can keep notes on current and potential projects, as well as explore other knitters’ creations. Ravelry has a dynamic community of knitters that you can connect with, share your mutual passion and find unique patterns.

You’ll need to create an account to get involved with the community, though signing up for an account is free.

There are some parts of the site that can be accessed without an account, such as their Eye Candy collections that feature stunning examples of gorgeous knitted items from Ravelry users. On the public side of the site you’ll also find interesting articles with the latest news from the knitting and crafting world.

Final Thoughts

There’s a blog out there to suit every keen knitter, no matter what you’re looking for. Some of the best knitting blogs offer an extensive range of projects and tutorials, while others are more personal stories of one blogger’s personal knitting journey.

You’ll find fantastic patterns on knitting blogs, and many of them are free to download. There are also vibrant online communities to join, and some even have online courses.

Are you ready to dive into the world of knitting blogs? Happy reading and don’t forget to share this article with your fellow knitting enthusiasts!

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