macrame bracelet ideas

Whether a friendship bracelet or something more intricate, macrame is one of the easiest ways to make a stunning piece of decoration to wear around your wrist. There are plenty of fabulous macrame bracelet ideas online, with tutorials you can follow, or take the ideas as inspiration and make them your own!

15 fun and creative macrame bracelet ideas

Who knew there were so many different ways to make a macrame bracelet? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite video tutorials, from simple friendship bracelets to intricate leaf and wave motifs.

Some of these projects are super easy and ideal for beginners, while others are more complex and best attempted once you have some experience making macrame jewelry. But all are fun, creative, and beautiful!

1. DIY macrame leaf bracelet

We love the stunning leaf motif featured in this deceptively simple macrame bracelet, accented with tiny beads. You can make the design with a relatively-easy knot pattern using two different threads to create the leaf shape, incorporate accent beads, and then repeat the same process to make each leaf.

The bracelet also features a charm on the back for a little security and extra pizzazz. Watch the video for full instructions.

2. Basic square knot bracelet

This bracelet uses the square knot, an essential piece of macrame technique. This creates a simple yet stunning textured pattern, and this project is a great way to practice your square knots!

You can also make this bracelet in a single color of thread for a monochromatic bracelet, or use two different hues for more depth.

This is a fantastic project for beginners, as you only need to know one basic knot, and first-timers can follow along with the video.

3. Twisted square knot bracelet

This tutorial shows you how to make a square knot to create a twisted chain. The result is a funky bracelet somewhat reminiscent of the DNA double helix.

It’s made with two colors, so go for two similar tones for a more subtle aesthetic. Or, for a more dramatic effect, choose strikingly different colors, like the chocolate brown and baby blue in the video.

Although you’ll only need to know one knot – the square knot – to make this project, achieving an even twisting pattern can be challenging. Therefore, it’s probably better to attempt this one when you have a bit of experience with macrame.

4. Easy diamond macrame bracelet

This simple macrame bracelet is beginner-friendly – it’s perfect as one for one of your first projects.

You can make the entire bracelet with only waxed polyester or nylon cord or add some tiny beads on the strands’ ends for extra decoration and a bit of weight. The project shown in the video tutorial uses a 1mm cord, but you could swap this out for 0.8mm or 0.5mm cord for a smaller, more dainty bracelet.

The video walks you through each step to create your bracelet, including a detailed description of making the knots so you can attempt this one even with zero experience!

5. Half hitch knot two-color bracelet

The half-hitch knot is another essential knot that all budding macrame artists should know. This project uses primarily half hitch knots, as well as snake knots and heaving line knots.

The half hitch knots give this bracelet a distinctive look that is quite different from other macrame pieces. The design includes a sliding clasp to adjust the size of the bracelet to fit your wrist, making it perfect for a gift, as it can fit anyone!

The video uses two contrasting colors, though you could use two similar tones or even the same color. However, using two different hues really makes the knots stand out!

6. Micro macrame bracelet

With this super simple project, you can make a tiny bracelet featuring a central bead with an even smaller bead on each side.

You’ll need 0.5mm and 0.8mm nylon thread, as well as one 4mm and two 2mm beads of your choice. You can play around with different thread and bead colors for various aesthetics – the options are almost limitless!

Although this is a quick and easy project, this bracelet’s small size makes it quite fiddly, so it’s better only to attempt this one once you have some experience with macrame jewelry.

7. Simple macrame bracelet for men

Macrame jewelry isn’t just for women – this simple, chunky bracelet has a distinctively masculine energy. Make it a special gift for a man in your life, or male crafters could make it for themselves.

The finished project is a sleek bracelet that looks like three straight lines of cord but is actually a single row of knots.

As you’ll only need to use one basic knot, this one is suitable for all levels – and the tutorial breaks it all down for you, including showing you how to make the knots.

8. Celtic-style macrame bracelet

We love this bracelet’s endless double-wave pattern that looks like a Celtic border made up of tight, neat knots. You can craft this one in a single color, or incorporate a second accent hue, though this does make it a little more difficult.

However, this is an easy, beginner-friendly project overall, especially if you choose to work with only one cord color. You’ll need some 1mm waxed cord, small beads for the ends, a large needle, scissors, and a lighter.

9. Macrame wave bracelet

This bracelet will make you think of the ocean and its rolling waves. We particularly love the color choice of marine blue and subtle gold featured in the video, though you could come up with any color scheme you’d like.

This slightly more complex pattern involves working a set of knots in two different colors of cords. Therefore, this is an intermediate-level project: we’d recommend practicing some beginner-friendly designs on this list before moving on to this stunning macrame wave bracelet.

10. Triangle macrame bracelet

This geometric, triangle motif bracelet makes a perfect bracelet: make two, each with your and your bestie’s favorite colors. Then give one to your best friend and keep the other to wear yourself!

In the video tutorial, they use embroidery floss for a neat, dainty look, but you could just as well use nylon, polyester, or hemp macrame cord. The thicker the thread or cord you use, the chunkier your bracelet will be.

This project is super simple and the tutorial walks you through everything, including how to make the knots, so this is a good one for newbies and first-timers!

11. Five friendship bracelet ideas

This video tutorial has not one but five great ideas for friendship bracelets. While one of the bracelets is braided, the rest are made with a range of macrame techniques.

Each is adorable in its own way, with different textures and finishes. Most of the bracelets are made with cord only, while one has spacers as a design feature, but you only need a little in the way of supplies to make these!

They look great worn together, or equally cute on their own, and there’s plenty of opportunity to customize them with different colors or accessories.

12. Shamballa-style macrame bracelet

Shamballa is a mystical kingdom described in Hindu and Buddhist mythology that exists on both the spiritual and physical plane and serves to preserve the most sacred spiritual teachings. Shamballa-style bracelets are inspired by prayer beads, and many people love to wear them as a symbol of their spirituality or simply as a grounding influence.

This Shamballa-style bracelet features round beads and paracord, a strong and water-resistant synthetic cord. However, you could use any kind of cord you’d like, as long as it’s strong enough and preferably has some degree of water resistance.

13. Beaded wave macrame bracelet

We simply love this unique design which incorporates multiple types of materials, namely macrame string and seed beads. It has two interlocking wavy lines which are connected on each end, which are in contrasting colors in the video, though you could use the same or similar colors for a more subtle look.

The bracelet features contrasting materials and textures: one line has tight knots, while the other has looser rows of cord, making for a stunning piece that is practically a piece of art.

14. Adjustable sliding bracelet closure

This video tutorial doesn’t show you how to make a complete bracelet, but rather it covers an essential skill you should know for creating all kinds of macrame bracelets: the sliding closure. This technique allows you to make an adjustable clasp to take off the bracelet and put it on again, then tighten it around your wrist to any length you’d like!

You don’t need any special tools or hardware to make the sliding clasp, just a macrame cord and your knowledge of knots. This closure design is actually pretty easy to do, as it only uses basic knots.

15. Essential macrame knots tutorial

If you’re completely new to macrame, this video will help you master the basics by teaching you how to make essential macrame knots. It’s a good place to start to learn some essential knots before moving on to other projects where you can put your new-found knowledge into practice.

The video tutorial walks you through how to make a larks head knot, square knot, alternating square knot, spiral knot, double half hitch knot, half hitch knot, and alternating half hitch knot. Bookmark this one and refer to it whenever you need a refresher!

Final thoughts

Macrame is one of the easiest crafts you can do, and probably the easiest way to make jewelry. It’s almost certainly one of the most fun ways to spend an afternoon, and you don’t need much at all in terms of tools and supplies!

Macrame bracelets are a classic, but they go far beyond just friendship bracelets. You can also make stunning wristwear from macrame in a range of motifs and patterns, and incorporate other materials like beads.

Take the projects on this list as inspiration, use them as practice, and come up with your own designs!

If you’re inspired by these fantastic macrame bracelet ideas and are ready to get started with your own project, check out our complete guide to macrame cords.

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