modern quilt pattern blanket on a wooden floor

Modern quilts can be an excellent decor choice for your home, and some patterns are easy enough for a beginner to do!

Try one of these modern quilt patterns for your next qulting project

Let’s look at some of the best modern quilt patterns currently on offer.

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1. Minimal triangles quilt

Source: Etsy/SuzyCustomQuilts

The minimal triangles quilt pattern uses the perfect mix of negative space and artfully disproportionate shapes. The pattern features triangles of various sizes lined up in rows along a solid one-color background for a simple but elegant look.

This pattern is good for using up your scrap pieces, since the triangles use very little fabric. It also looks fantastic with several different fabrics used together, so you can finally get rid of those really small pieces that you’ve been hanging onto.

If you want to make the minimalist triangles quilt yourself, you can purchase the pattern here!

2. Modern fans quilt

Source: Etsy/SuzyCustomQuilts

Striking and minimalistic, the modern fans quilt puts a unique spin on the old grandmother’s fan and dresden plates patterns that were popular with the sewists of decades past.

Using abstract circular shapes and mostly unpatterned fabrics, the modern fan quilt does away with the traditional dated floral prints and scalloped edges.

To get started on your own modern fans quilt, you can purchase the pattern and instructions here.

3. Triangle jitters quilt

Source: Etsy/SuzyCustomQuilts

The triangle jitters quilt uses colorful shape accents on a plain background. The design is simple, yet it is arranged in a way that makes it look more complex to the eye.

The triangle jitters pattern is made up of (you guessed it) triangle and diamond shapes to make a geometric color block look that is very on-trend at the moment.

It would look perfect thrown over the back of a sofa or folded at the end of a bed. It would even work nicely as an accent piece in a chic nursery.

Check out the pattern here to get started on this stylish quilt. Your living room will thank you!

4. Interwoven quilt

Source: Lo & Behold Stitchery

The interwoven quilt design is a gorgeous piece that uses a geometric design to give the appearance of interconnected square shapes.

It offers endless possibilities for color variations – color block, ombre, or a wide combination of colors and prints from your scraps. You could make this pattern a hundred times and still have each quilt feel unique.

For a closer look at this gorgeous design, check out the pattern here.

5. Heading home quilt

Source: Etsy/pacificspiritquilts

Heading home is another minimalist design that emphasizes negative space and sharp geometric shapes to make a stunning design.

As the name suggests, heading home is about movement. It conveys that in the way it arranges its lines and triangle shapes. The triangles all face the same direction, making them look more like arrows.

The design allows a lot of room for experimentation as far as the coloring and prints of the fabrics. You could create stunning variations using a variety of different fabrics or by creating a color block effect with only two or three different colors.

If you want to try your hand at this design, purchase the pattern here!

6. Ragged flashbacks quilt

Source: Etsy/OrangeDotQuilts

The ragged flashback quilt combines the long geometric shapes we are used to seeing with raw fabric edges for a fun and unique quilt.

This quilt would work especially well in a space designated as rustic or shabby chic, but it is universal enough to even work as a baby blanket.

Ready to make it? Go here to grab the pattern and instructions.

7. Mod rectangles quilt

Source: Etsy/yellowtreehouse

The mod rectangles quilt pattern is an easy design that makes a unique-looking piece. It uses strips of fabric to make brackets and lines.

It would be a fantastic decor piece for a nursery or child’s room, especially if colorful or fun fabric prints were used.

If you want to try your hand at making the mod rectangle quilt, get the pattern here.

8. Mountains are calling quilt

Source: Etsy/PeonyandFern

The mountains are calling quilt is more than just a blanket-it’s  a work of modern art!

The mountains are calling quilt uses a large piece of fabric (long enough to span the length of the quilt) cut with a pointed top to resemble a mountain. Several more mountains are arranged around the first, making it look like a mountain range.

Since the mountains are calling quilt is such an interesting and versatile design, it can fit into any room and most decor styles. It will brighten whatever area you choose to put it in!

If you are interested in making the mountains are calling quilt, be sure to purchase the pattern here.

9. Misty mountains quilt

Source: Etsy/PatchworkandPoodles

Did you like the mountains are calling quilt? Then you’ll probably like the misty mountains quilt too!

Similar to the last quilt in the list, the mountains in this design are two-toned to show that the top of the mountains are either snow or fog covered.

It adds a nice touch and makes this pattern look a bit more traditional

However, it is still adorable and modern enough to look great draped along the back of your sofa.

Grab the pattern for the misty mountain quilt here and get started!

10. Modern geometric quilt

Source: Etsy/BrigitGail

The modern geometric quilt is the simplest design we’ve shown so far.

It has a plain background that is only broken up by a line of two-tone squares along the bottom. The result, despite its basic nature, is stunning.

You can easily use up some scrap fabric for this one, single the colored pieces of the quilt are quite small.

Want to give this design a try? Get the pattern here!

11. Tied with a ribbon quilt

Source: Etsy/ThreadBotanica

The tied with a ribbon quilt design features several thick multicolor zig-zag lines running down the length of the quilt.

It is an interesting and eye-catching piece that looks so nice, you can probably just skip using it as a blanket and hang it on the wall as a piece of art.

Purchase the pattern here if you’re ready to get started on your own tied with a ribbon quilt.

12. Striped tumbling blocks quilt

The most complex one on the list so far, the striped tumbling blocks quilt is not for the faint of heart.

It uses a striped material to make the isometric block pattern look 3D, so this is a design where you’ll need to follow the recommended fabric pattern as closely as possible.

The striped tumbling blocks quilt looks simple at first glance, but the quilting technique is actually quite sophisticated. It will take a lot of planning and coordination to make sure the stripes are running in the right direction.

If you’re up for a bit of a challenge, you can grab the pattern and instructions over here!

13. Diagonal stripe quilt

The diagonal stripe quilt looks exactly like it sounds-its made with diagonal stripes. However, this pattern added a few extra touches to make it look fancier. Some of the stripes are dual color and joined in the middle. It looks a bit like a wooden floor, where the pieces are staggered to make a more interesting design.

This one is a beautiful, simple design that would work really well as a baby blanket or a piece of nursery decor.

If you want to give it a go, you can use this free pattern to get started!

Wrapping it up

There you have it! 13 of our favorite modern quilt patterns. Which one do you want to make? Let us know in the comments below!

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