If you’re always losing your keys, a bright and colorful keychain is essential! A DIY tassel keychain is the perfect way to jazz up your keys so you’ll always be able to find them.

Easy DIY tassel keychain tutorials

You can use these cute tassel key chains to decorate not only your keys, but also your purse, a jacket, or countless home décor items. These DIY tassel keychain tutorials are free to access online, and all the projects are easy to make – most are suitable for complete beginners.

1. Cheap & easy DIY tassel keychain

This tassel keychain is simple and easy to make, yet super cute. It’s also a very affordable project – you can make two tassels out of a typical sheet of leather or vinyl.

This makes it very versatile – with so many types of leather and vinyl, you create an almost limitless range of effects and styles. We particularly love the holographic vinyl featured in the video.

Angelynn’s video tutorial shows you how to measure and cut out the vinyl or leather and then put the keychain together. It shows options using either leather or vinyl, in bright colors or more subtle tones.

2. How to make a tassle

This video from iamlikehearted goes through the basics of how to make a tassel with yarn or embroidery floss. This technique is suitable for making tassels of different sizes and from various materials.

The video also shows you how to attach a large ring that could be easily converted into a keychain.

DIY tassels are also kid-friendly, and so are a good way to keep your kids entertained on a rainy day and get them into crafts! Once you have this technique down, you can use it to make a range of items featuring tassels, from key chains to jewelry.

3. Macrame tassel keychain

We adore this elegant keychain design with a chunky bead, tassel, and basic macramé feature in a modern take on classic macramé. The project uses a macramé crown knot, one of the more simple macramé knots, so is suitable for beginners.

It also uses an interesting technique of using a thicker cord to make the knot, and then pulling out the strands and brushing them with a fur brush and then a comb to make a neat tassel.

LET BE’s video walks you through each step of the process, including making the crown knot. So even if you’re completely new to macramé, don’t be afraid to give this one a go!

4. Fine tassel keychain

This project uses a 12mm chunky cord and similar to the project above, you separate out and brush out the strands to straighten into a tassel. It’s very simple, but looks clean and elegant.

We like the mix of off-white cord as the main color combined with rust for a pop of color shown in the video. This is a subtle color combination, but you can play around with different tones, including brighter or pastel color schemes.

This tutorial from HolmMade Macrame shows you how to make this elegant tassel keychain in a few simple steps.

5. Beginners’ macramé keychain 

This is another good example of a combination of macramé and tassel to make a simple yet effective keychain. This one has an elegant style with a touch of boho chic.

The clear and easy-to-follow video from HolmMade Macrame goes through the process in detail, including how you make a Clovehitch or half hitch knot. It then covers how to make the rest of the design and create your keychain.

This project is also suitable for complete beginners, even if you’ve never done macramé before.

6. Ultra suede tassle

We love this pretty and modern suede tassle!

Better yet, it’s super easy to make and uses microfiber suede cord that you don’t even have to cut down. For a finishing touch, you add an 8mm cord end for a chic look.

The video features a lovely dusky pink suede, but you can easily express your own unique sense of style with the wide range of colors and even patterns available in faux suede cord. For even more options, use a sheet of suede and cut it down.

Follow along with Beadaholique’s tutorial to make your own stunning ultra-suede tassels.

7. Acrylic Cricut keychain

The tassel is just one element of this keychain.The keychain also incorporates a clear name token with a paintbrush effect.

It looks super cute in the pastel colors featured in the video tutorial, with a small tassel in matching tones. This project also has a lot of potential for playing with other shades and mixing and matching colors.

DIY Craft Tutorial’s video shows you how to cut out on your Cricut, as well as covering the design process.

You can download the SVG file set here but be aware this is not free – there is a modest cost to download the file. Alternatively, you could use this as inspiration and come up with your own design using Cricut’s design software.

8. No-sew fringe keychain

This is a quick, beginner’s level project that is also appropriate for kids to make. It uses an easy technique of cutting a fringe out of a piece of fabric, leaving a wide edge, then rolling it up to form the tassel.

You can then use the tassel to decorate your keyring, book bag, or purse. We love the stunning bold shades of faux suede fabrics featured in Fabricdotcom’s video tutorial such as magenta and turquoise.


9. Cricut fringe keychain

The best way to cut out a perfect, neat fringe? By using your Cricut machine of course!

We love the shiny, holographic vinyl featured in this tutorial, but you can cut just about any fabric or craft material on most Cricut machines. This one has a similar fringe tassel concept to the project above, but with delicate thin strands, which you can achieve on your Cricut machine.

Follow the video by craft with Catherine to cut out the fringe and make your tassel. If you prefer reading to watching a video, you can get written instructions and a free SVG cut file to use on your Cricut here.

10. Triple macramé tassle keychain

This five-minute project features a cool layered effect of three tassels sitting inside each other at staggered heights. It may look complicated, but you can easily place one tassel inside the other with a simple technique.

You can use contrasting colors or similar tones – it’s up to you! Then, finish the triple tassel with an easy macrame pattern.

Along with making a great keychain, the finished project would look awesome as an accent on a macrame bag.

It’s suitable for absolute beginners – even if you’ve never tried macramé before, you’ll find MACRAME MAGIC KNOTS’ video tutorial is easy to follow. The video also features other ideas for multi-layered tassel keychains, such as a double tassel with a large bead on the top.

11. Ombre stacked tassle

Another stacked tassel design, this project has six layers and is pretty large. In fact, it’s probably too large to use as a keychain, but it would work well as an accessory or home décor item.

We simply love the ombre effect and also the beaded detail at the top.

This video from Julia Konya demonstrates an easy technique for making tassels from embroidery floss, then shows you how to stack the tassels inside each other and attach to a keychain

12. Ribbon tassle keychain

For something a bit different, you can use ribbons to create a tassel, and even throw in a bit of lace ribbon for a cute and pretty touch. Using different ribbons, you can adapt the design to whatever color, style, or theme you want.

Follow along with this video from DIYwithTanya as it goes through each step of the process. It’s super quick and easy – you’ll be able to make your ribbon tassel in around five minutes.

Final thoughts

You can follow these tutorials step by step, or use them as inspiration to develop your own unique DIY tassel keychain ideas.

As we’ve seen in the above tutorials, there are a range of ways to make a tassel, but just about all of them are super easy to do. Tassels are an adorable way to decorate your keys or purse, and once you have your favorite technique down, you can include tassels in all your DIY projects!

If you found this round-up of the best DIY tassel keychain projects helpful, go ahead and share it with your fellow DIY enthusiasts! For more DIY project inspiration, check out these free online DIY soap, peyote stitch bracelet and photo bookmark tutorials.

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