Cross stitch may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of DIY jewelry, but this traditional craft lends itself surprisingly well to making stunning jewelry pieces.

It’s relatively easy to make cross stitch jewelry such as pendants, rings, and bracelets.

Cross stitch jewelry tutorials

Cross stitch texture looks stunning on just about any kind of jewelry. The tutorials below will show you how to make cross stitch rings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches, and hair accessories.

Most of these projects are easy to make, and some are even suitable for complete beginners.

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1. Cross stitch ring

A ring is a fantastic way to show off your cross stitch skills, and large chunky rings make the perfect base for this! However, you can use a ring of any size or shape – simply trace the base of the ring onto a piece of cross stitch fabric and work within this frame.

The written tutorial has detailed, step-by-step instructions, from stitching your pattern, to inserting the fabric into the ring base and gluing it in securely. Each step is accompanied by photos to guide you clearly through the process.

Your project can be easily customized – you can choose any thread colors and pattern you’d like to suit your style and preferences. You can even make multiple rings to go with all your favorite outfits!

Take a look at the written tutorial here if you want to make your own cross stitch ring.

2. Cross stitch pendant

This pendant is not only affordable to make, it’s also super simple. In fact, this project is easy enough that even complete beginners can give it a try with the help of the comprehensive instructions in the video tutorial.

It uses a wood pendant base, and you stitch your design directly onto the pendant. The video shows you how to make the pendant, from what materials you’ll need to how to finish it off neatly and add a jump ring to hang it from a chain.

The video tutorial discusses different thread options, such as number eight thread or embroidery options, and how to work with each. It also covers various techniques that you can choose to use – for example, you can knot the back to start stitching or hold the thread in place and stitch over the top.

Another advantage of this project is that you can customize it to virtually any pendant base or design. As well as watching the video, you can also read the written instructions here – there’s even a PDF you can download and use to make your designs.

Ready to make across stitch pendant? Watch the video tutorial here.

3. Embroidery necklace

If you prefer embroidery to cross stitch, don’t worry – this technique also lends itself very well to jewelry. Small circular or oblong embroidery designs look lovely mounted on pendants, necklaces, or in broaches.

This video tutorial shows you how to mount your design once you’ve embroidered it on a piece of fabric. However, it doesn’t show you how to stitch the embroidery, so this tutorial is best-suited to experienced embroiderers who already know how to embroider and have a pattern on hand or a design in mind.

If you want to learn more about embroidery, check out this embroidery guide for beginners, or this handy list of embroidery tips.

The video tutorial covers how much to trim your fabric relative to the base, bezel or frame, mounting, plus tips for a neat and tidy result. These techniques can be applied to making embroidery brooches.

Learn how to put your embroidery into a necklace or brooch by watching the tutorial here.

4. 8 ways to make a cross stitch pendant

If you’re looking for even more ideas and inspiration to make your cross stitch pendant, take a look at this tutorial. It details no less than eight different ways you can make a pendant with cross stitch.

The projects range from small pendants with color-blocked patterns to larger pieces featuring detailed pictures and motifs. Some pendants are made by mounting cross stitch fabric in a metal base, while others are stitched directly onto wooden or plastic frames.

Pendants are one of the easiest types of cross stitch jewelry to make, so once you’ve made one or two of the ideas here, you’ll be confident to experiment with your own designs!

Take a look at eight different ways to make a cross stitch pendant here.

5. Cross stitch earrings

These cross stitch earrings have a beautiful, vintage aesthetic. The video uses a setting with pearls which has a nice antique look, though you can, of course, use any setting you like according to your style.

The video tutorial talks you through each step of the process, beginning with measuring your canvas so that it will fit in your bezel setting. It then shows you how to stitch your cross stitch design – you can download the pattern for free here – and gives recommendations for the type of linen to use and how to adapt the design when using different materials.

Finally, the video details how to arrange your cross stitch design over the insert and mount it on your setting. You can follow along with the video, and though some steps are a little hard to see in parts, the video also gives clear and comprehensive verbal instructions.

Check out the video here.

6. Cross stitch bracelet

As long as you have at least a little experience with cross stitch, you’ll find this wide-band cross stitch bracelet easy to make. The video uses a Nintendo-style design, but you can use any pattern or design that you’d like.

The tutorial shows you how to transfer your design onto a grid pattern so that you can stitch it out. This style of bracelet is best done on a stiff but flexible plastic canvas.

The video shows you how to construct and finish your bracelet once you’ve stitched your design (clear to follow along) but doesn’t go through how to stitch it.

Watch the video tutorial here to make a cross stitch bracelet. If you’re completely new to cross stitch, you can learn the basics here first.

7. Cross stitch trinkets

This video tutorial shows you how to make a range of cross stitch items on a plastic lattice base. You can use the same basic technique to make key rings, hair or phone accessories, or virtually anything you can think of!

The stiff plastic makes a sturdy base that is ideal for a range of everyday and decorative items. This material also makes these projects super simple because you don’t need to worry about fitting your cross stitch fabric or canvas into a base or frame.

All you need to do is stitch your design, trim the plastic backing and finish, and then attach the fastening or attachment. The video tutorial shows you how to do all this, and goes into detail on how to finish and back the items, which is the most difficult part!

Get creative with your own cross stitch trinkets here.

Wrapping up

If you’re one of the many crafters who love the art of cross stitch, why not apply this craft to making DIY jewelry at home? You can make stunning cross stitch pieces in just about any size, style, and design.

Cross stitch jewelry makes a great present for your loved ones, or make it as a little gift for yourself!

If you enjoyed this round up of the best cross stitch jewelry tutorials, go ahead and share it on your social media! And for more jewelry knowledge, check out these best jewelry-making classes.

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