Do you have tressed bracelet envy after seeing the stunning designer pieces over the last few years? Here’s the good news: you can easily make a DIY tressed chain bracelet, and there are plenty of great tutorials online to show you how!

What is a tressed bracelet?

The term “tressed” comes from the word tresse in French, meaning braid. In a bracelet, this refers to pieces with multiple strands, usually with the strands woven or braided together.

In recent years, top designers have released some stunning tressed bracelets, many featuring a mix of leather or fabric and chain strands. However, you don’t need to fork out for an expensive designer piece when you can make a beautiful DIY tressed chain bracelet.

What’s the difference between a tressed bracelet and a friendship bracelet?

Tressed chain bracelets can sometimes be confused with friendship bracelets. There are some similarities between tressed bracelets and friendship bracelets, though these two types of jewelry are not exactly the same.

Like tressed chain bracelets, friendship bracelets can also be woven or braided. Both types of bracelets are also easy to make and are fantastic DIY projects.

However, friendship bracelets can also be made from knots or using a variety of techniques, compared to tressed bracelets, which are woven or braided.

There are many different types of friendship bracelets – this is essentially any bracelet you give to someone as a symbol of friendship. Having said that, friendship bracelets are typically simple knotted, macramé, or woven pieces made from yarn or embroidery floss.

Best DIY tressed chain bracelet tutorials

Tressed chain bracelets have a simple yet effective design that makes them the perfect project for beginners. The tutorials on this list are all super simple to make, and most are suitable even if you’ve never made a piece of jewelry before!

1. DIY leather chain bracelet

We love this simple yet effective chain and leather bracelet, which looks stunning when worn on its own or stacked with other bracelets. The versatile design can also be adapted to create different looks using suede, printed cord, or ribbon, and it’s super simple to make!

This written tutorial features detailed, step-by-step instructions with plenty of close up photos to guide you along the way.

2. Leather and gold chain woven bracelet

Follow along with Crafty Pop’s video tutorial to make this simple yet stunning bracelet. This interesting design involves two rows of chunky gold chain, with strips of leather woven through the chain to bind the chain together with an interesting mix of textures.

We love the combo of gold chain and dusty pink suede showcased in the tutorial or play around with silver or gunmetal chain, and bold colors.

3. DIY yarn and chain bracelet

This is another take on the chain tressed bracelet, using yarn instead of leather. It’s made by braiding two strands of yarn and a chain strand, producing an interesting mix of textures.

Check out this tutorial to learn how to make this simple project. If you know how to braid, you’ll find this easy!

4. Lashed chain and leather bracelet

For a different kind of woven bracelet, you can try making a lashed chain and leather bracelet like this one from Rings and Things. Lashing creates an interesting texture that makes a stunning bracelet, and lashing chain instead of beads to the leather cord is a cool twist on a popular DIY project.

You can make these as a single-wrap or double-wrap bracelet and add charms and embellishments for some extra flair.

5. Chain lash wrap bracelet

Kellie’s Bead Boutique has another take on the chain lash bracelet in this video tutorial. This one has a slightly different design, with leather threaded through a single, large chain.

We love the tightly woven, earthy design, and the large decorative button closure.

6. Braided yarn friendship bracelets

This cute piece qualifies as both a tressed and friendship bracelet, with braided yarn strands. The bright and colorful bracelets are super easy to make, and are the perfect kid-friendly DIY project.

Adventures of a DIY Mom’s tutorial will show you and your little ones how to make braided yarn bracelets for a fun family afternoon! 

7. 5-strand braided faux suede bracelet

Katrinaosity shows you how to make a five-strand bracelet using faux suede laces in this video tutorial. We love the wide braided design with a classic hippy aesthetic in muted suede, or you could achieve a rocker look by using something like black leather.

The video walks you through braiding the suede for a neat finish and how to attach the clasp.

8. Woven chain and embroidery thread bracelet

This version of a tressed chain bracelet uses embroidery thread braided through parallel chunky chains. This has a more delicate effect, and means you can choose between limitless colors and textures with the huge array of embroidery thread available!

Check out the written tutorial here.

9. Recycled 5-strand leather bracelet

Renarde Rousse truly embraces the concept of up-cycling in this video, demonstrating how to cut up an old pair of leather boots to make a tressed leather bracelet. It then walks you through the process of braiding a five-strand bracelet from the leather straps.

10. Ball chain woven bracelet

Weaving a piece of fine ball chain with waxed linen or another delicate material creates an interesting, slim cord ideal for a bracelet. This would look stunning stacked with other tressed bracelets in various colors and textures.

Take a look at The Stripe’s written tutorial to learn how to make this elegant bracelet.

11. Leather and crystal chain bracelet

This is another excellent video tutorial from Kellie’s bead boutique, this time teaching you how to make a tressed bracelet with leather and crystal chain. The crystal chain is an easy way to add instant bling to your wrist, with leather cord and beads woven with waxed linen for a spectacular mix of textures.

12. Rhinestone and leather bracelet

Crafts Unleashed brings more bling in this written tutorial. In this design, rhinestone chain is lashed to leather cord for an edgy mix of sparkle and biker style.

You can also add a third element by using metallic bead thread – silver thread looks stunning with a lighter-colored leather or faux leather cord.

13. Adjustable braided leather bracelet

In this video tutorial, Katrinaosity demonstrates how to make a woven leather bracelet with an adjustable length. This makes it easy to enlarge the bracelet, slip it over your wrist, and then tighten to secure it.

Once you’ve made this stunning DIY tressed bracelet, you can apply the same technique to make a range of different adjustable bracelets!

Best friendship bracelet tutorials

As we covered above, although they have many similarities, tressed bracelets, and friendship bracelets are not the same thing. However, friendship bracelets are worth mentioning, as they are fun and easy to make and are an especially great project for kids!

On that note, we’ve rounded up our very favorite friendship bracelet tutorials that are perfect for family fun or a quiet afternoon.

14. Braided stitch friendship bracelet

Kinsey b’s video tutorial shows you how to make a classic knotted friendship bracelet in a braid-like design. All you’ll need is embroidery floss in three different colors – this no-fuss bracelet is tied together with the thread tails, so no closures required!

15. Knotted chain friendship bracelet

This delicate little friendship bracelet is made using a knotted chain stitch. Once you’ve got the technique down with this written tutorial, you’ll be able to turn out these easy bracelets in a matter of minutes!

16. Macramé friendship bracelet

Macramé is another popular way to make friendship bracelets. This technique makes it easy to create all kinds of patterns and designs.

Check out Aillin’s video for step-by-step instructions for making a minimalist macramé friendship bracelet.

Final thoughts

A tressed chain bracelet makes a cute gift or is a fantastic statement piece for you to wear yourself! The unique design is deceptively simple, so is easy and fun to make, even if you have zero DIY jewelry experience.

Most of the DIY tressed chain bracelets on this list are also kid-friendly projects. However, if you’re looking for a super simple, low cost project that your little ones can do, you can’t go wrong with any of the friendship bracelet tutorials mentioned here!

If you’ve enjoyed this list of the best DIY tressed bracelet tutorials, share it with your family and friends. And once you’re ready to move on from tressed bracelets, check out these druzy bracelet and DIY pendant necklace ideas for more crafty fun!

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