It’s always a hassle to keep your jewellery organised, and find small items like rings.

A ring dish is the perfect way to keep everything in order, and by making your own DIY ring dish, you can create something that will look beautiful on your dresser – or make a lovely gift!

Best DIY ring and trinket dish tutorials

You’ll never worry about losing your engagement ring or other precious rings because you’ve left them scattered around the house with these stunning DIY ring dishes. The ring dishes in these tutorials are not only great for storing rings; you can use them to keep all kinds of other trinkets inside.

Each project is easy to make, and each needs just a few basic supplies. Check out our top DIY ring dish tutorials below:

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1. Marbled clay ring dish

The DIY ring dishes have a stunning marbled effect that is deceptively simple to make. This site has both a video tutorial and written instructions with illustrations – so you can follow either, or both, to make your own DIY ring dish.

They are made with white, black, and colored oven-bake clay. You’ll also need a glaze, a rolling pin, a plastic clay knife, and an oven-safe bowl to bake your dishes in the oven.

The tutorial shows you how to make a marbling effect by twisting clay snakes in different colors together, then smooshing it into a ball and rolling it out.

It also has handy tips on how many colors to use and the quantities of each you should use.

You can create the effect in the color scheme of your choice, from black and purple to blue and turquoise or fall tones – the possibilities are endless! They are finished with gold liquid gilding paint around the rim for a luxe look.

Learn how to make these beautiful marbled ring dishes here.

2. DIY monogram jewelry dish

A monogram design gives this dish a personal touch, making it ideal for gifts, or as a present for yourself! Not only is this a super-easy project, but the video tutorial is aimed at complete beginners.

This tutorial stands out because it goes into detail about how to work with clay, such as how to work the clay with your hands and make it pliable. It also discusses how to avoid common issues working with clay – you can then take this info and apply it to any type of clay.

You’ll learn how to sand the clay down so that it’s smooth, and how to smooth out any bubbles.

Along with showing you how to roll out and mold your dish, the video also covers how to add your monogram letter as well as extra design details with paint and a metallic paint pen.

Ready to tackle your first DIY ring dish? You’ll find the video tutorial here.

3. Leaf trinket dish

For a natural motif, try your hand at these leaf trinket dishes. Perfect to make on a chilly fall afternoon, this project involves tracing around real leaves.

So head out to your yard or local park, grab some leaves, and you’ll be able to make a dish that is not only realistic but one of a kind!

The tutorial uses air drying clay, but notes that you can use oven-bake clay if you prefer. Once you have your clay, simply grab a bowl, a rolling pin, a knife, and some spray paint, and you’re all set!

The tutorial shows you each step of the process, from tracing a leaf to create the shape of your dish, to molding the shape and finally spray painting the dish. This tutorial uses a metallic, copper spray paint which looks simply stunning.

Make your own unique leaf trinket dish by following the tutorial here.

4. DIY clay trinket bowls

These clay trinket bowls are super easy to make! All you’ll need is air dry clay, a rolling pin, and some cookie cutters to cut out circles, which you then shape into bowls.

The tutorial shows you how to make these bowls, with a few photos to illustrate the process. By using air-dry clay, you won’t need to worry about firing the bowls – you just need to let them dry out at room temperature.

They also suggest putting a small bowl inside your bowls as a mold to help them dry in the right shape.

Once dried, paint your bowls – the tutorial painted their bowls in white with a gold rim for a classic, elegant look. However, you could use whatever color or effect that fits your tastes and décor.

Ready to make your own clay trinket bowls? You’ll find the written tutorial here.

5. DIY faux marble dish

These marble dishes look phenomenal, but are surprisingly easy to make. The materials are also very affordable – all you need is some polymer clay and nail polish, or acrylic paint if you prefer.

This project uses clay in three different colors to create the marbled effect, compared to other projects which paint on the marble.

To achieve this effect, roll the clay into snakes, and twist it to form a single snake and then roll it out again. Next, double the snake and roll it out again, repeating the process until you get the marbled effect that you want.

Finally, you roll the clay up into a ball and then roll it out flat, and create the size and shape of the dish you’d like. To finish your dish, bake it in the oven and add an optional glaze and paint or nail polish around the rim.

This dish does have an imperfect shape, but that’s part of the charm!

If you want to make your own faux marble dish, watch the video tutorial here.

6. DIY clay bunny bowls

These adorable bunny bowls are super versatile – you could use them for anything from stashing your rings to serving candy. This project is so simple that you can even get the kids involved.

The tutorial shows you how to mold your own bunny bowls from air-dry clay, in a few simple steps. All you need to do is roll out the clay, cut out a circle and a long oval shape, which you then cut in half to create the two bunny ears.

To craft the shape of the bowl, you simply push them into the back of the circle, and then form the shape inside another bowl, before air drying it overnight. To finish, you can paint the bowls as you like, but the tutorial suggests painting it with white acrylic craft paint to smooth out the seams where the ears join onto the bowl, and simple black eyes and a crisscross mouth.

To make these cute bunny bowls, get the tutorial here.

7. DIY easy air dry clay dishes

This video shows you three different ways to make a DIY ring dish – marbled, speckled, and leaf-shaped dishes. The tutorial shows you how to make each of the dishes and create these effects step by step, using some cool hacks and unique techniques.

These include using pepper to create a speckled effect, and nail polish and water for a marbled finish. They also have a unique way of molding the dish by placing crumpled up pieces of paper underneath to make the shape.

The video also shows you how to make a leaf dish from start to finish, from drawing the design to scoring the dish for extra realistic details, and sealing with Modge Podge. The tutorial doesn’t just show you one project, but rather it gives you the tools you need to create your own designs.

Ready to get started with making some unique projects? Check out the video here.

8. Air dry clay imprint dishes

We simply love these nature-themed dishes made using the clay imprint technique. This involves taking a pressed dry flower into the clay and rolling it in with a jar.

This is pretty easy to do, but it does take some practice to get it perfect. Most importantly, you need to make the impression in one roll for a clean effect.

This video tutorial gives you plenty of handy tips to help you master this technique, including how to use the correct side of the flowers with the most detail. It also has some good advice on how long clay will keep and how to store your clay.

The tutorial paints the trinket trays white and rose gold for a touch of vintage elegance, though you can, of course, play around with other colors for different effects.

To learn this lovely technique, you’ll find the video here.

9. DIY clay jewelry holders

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to make not one, not two, but three different jewelry dishes. Each made with air dry clay; these are an adorable frog pond dish, a heart dish, and a cute painted strawberry dish with scalloped edges.

Unlike most of the projects on this list which are shaped from a single piece of clay, two of these dishes feature flat bottom designs. Making the dish from two pieces of clay and joining them together is a little more difficult, but it also gives you more options to make different designs.

Follow along with the video as it takes you through each step of the process to make each dish, including modeling little frogs and mushrooms for your frog pond. The tutorial also shows you how to paint and glaze your dishes to finish them.

Learn how to make these cheery dishes by watching the video here.

10. DIY jewelry dish

This jewelry dish is fun and easy to make, so it is a great project for small hands! The dish itself is also super fun, with layers of bright colors in funky shapes.

This project uses polymer clay in different colors, which you knead out (this part may need some adult assistance). You then roll the clay into a snake and coil the colors together, before finally rolling it into a flat sheet with a rolling pin.

You can work hard to keep all the layers even at this point – but all the imperfections are part of the charm! Finally, shape the sheet over an oven-safe bowl and bake in the oven.

This written tutorial talks you through the process in detail, including tips on how to get your kids involved in this project! There are also photos to illustrate each step, so it’s easy for you and your little ones to follow along.

Get the tutorial for this colorful jewelry dish here.

11. DIY ring dish

We love the handmade appeal of the clay DIY ring dishes mentioned above, but if you prefer something with a more polished look, check out this tutorial. The consistent, even shape is achieved by repurposing a dipping bowl you can buy in any homewares store.

Along with decorating the bowl, the tutorial shows you how to add a ring holder in the center of the bowl using a length of wooden dowel. This project is pretty easy to make, but it does involve using some tricky supplies like spray paint and industrial-strength glue, so this one is definitely not kid-friendly.

The tutorial outlines the tools and materials you need, with instructions on how to attach the dowel and decorate the bowl, including taping off the sections to create different tones for the main part of the bowl and the rim and center, with clean divisions between.

If you want to make this repurposed ring dish, you’ll find the tutorial here.

Final thoughts

A DIY ring dish is easy, cheap, and fun to make. They’re also not only for storing rings – you can use them for other kinds of jewelry or keys, and they make the perfect present.

These trinket trays are not only versatile to use, but they offer limitless options to explore your creativity. From leaf and bunny shapes to marble effects, you can do virtually anything with a ring dish!

We have lots more jewellery ideas you can check out, as well as other DIY projects such as lace up flats or egg decorating tutorials.

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