DIY Lace up flats

Do you remember when lace up ballet flats were the hottest trend a few years ago? Just about everyone was rocking this adorable look with ribbons or cord lacing around ankles everywhere.

DIY lace up flats are also a fantastic craft project – read on to learn how to make these yourself!

Best DIY ballet flats tutorials for all sewists

Most of these tutorials are extremely simple, and involve turning an existing pair of flats into a lace up ballet shoe. However, if you’re up for a challenge, check out the tutorials near the end of the list which show you how to make a ballet flat from scratch!

1. DIY lace-up flats

You can make these simple and adorable ballet flats with just a few simple tools and supplies. This video tutorial from The Sorry Girls demonstrates how to use loops and cord to repurpose a pair of simple flat shoes to put the ballerina into ballerina flats.

2. Patent lace-up flats

We love the patent leather flats used in this tutorial, taking lace up flats from sweet to sassy. We also like the design with a loop at the center front that loops directly around the ankle, which works well with a flat shoe that’s cut low on each side.

The written tutorial by Sew in Love gives you tips on making this kind of lace up flats, with a link to a video tutorial for more detailed step-by-step instructions.

3. Lace up flats two ways

This video tutorial from ClaCali shows you two different ways to make ballerina lace up flats – with either D-rings or making loops with leather pieces. Both techniques are super simple and can be executed with a few basic supplies in a matter of minutes.

4. DIY lace up flats with an awl

Unlike many DIY lace up flats projects, which glue or sew on loops, this tutorial by Three Heel Clicks uses an awl to punch a hole in the shoes, and then thread cord through the holes.

This creates a more sturdy design as you don’t need to worry about the loops pulling open or coming unstuck. We also like the use of parachute cord which is durable yet comfortable to wear.

Working with the awl is a little trickier, as you may damage the shoe (or yourself!) if you’re not careful. You’ll need a specialist best done with a proper awl rather than a metal skewer or similar.

5. Ribbon lace up ballet flats

We love the wide ribbon straps in this take on DIY lace up flats from POPxo Fashion. The design also features a wide studded leather strap on the front of the shoe.

The video is packed with clever tips and tricks, such as cutting up a belt for the front strap.

6. DIY ballerina flats

This video tutorial by Hi from Kitty shows you how to create loops from a piece of felt and glue to a pair of ballet flats as a quick and easy project. Clear step-by-step instructions in the video – follow along to make a pair of runway-ready lace up flats.

7. Hole punch lace up flats

This is another DIY lace up flats project that punches holes in the shoes. The Petite Cat’s tutorial shows you how to do this with a multi hole punch tool which is an easy and safe way to make holes to thread your lace ups.

It also features the extra trick of pulling the cord folded through the front hole and then passing it again through the middle of the cord. This not only looks nice, but is more secure and less likely to pull on the hole than simply threading the cord through.

8. DIY gingham lace up flats

For a fresh take on DIY lace up flats, check out these adorable gingham ones! We love the wide gingham ribbon featured in Uniform Apparel’s video tutorial that gives a fresh and flirty look.

9. Elastic-band lace up flats

Cut Out and Keep’s tutorial uses the clever trick of cutting up hair elastics to make the loops to thread ribbon through. This one is also a good example of using flexible ballet flats as a base.

You could roll up these ballet flats and stash them in your purse to swap with your high heels when your feet get tired, or dress up a more casual outfit after a day at the beach!

10. No-sew DIY lace up flats

This project is a little different as it features small eyelets to reinforce each hole in the ballet flats. It also has more holes than most DIY lace up flats for multiple crisscross laces.

Beauty bitten’s video tutorial shows you how to make the lace up ballet flats and a lace up shirt using the same technique!

11. DIY lace up heels

Lace up DIY is not only for flats – this style also looks great on a pair of heels! Marina Sigrida shows you how to make DIY lace up heels with an ankle ribbon finished with a bow in this video tutorial.

12. Lace up ballet flats

Here’s a hack for making a DIY lace up ballet flat without any gluing or sewing – simply secure the ribbon under the arch of your foot and then wrap. Repeller’s written tutorial has very detailed instructions on how to do this, including how to wrap the ribbon around your ankle.

13. Leather strap ballet flats

A slightly more advanced project for experienced sewists, these ballet flats are embellished with ribbon ties and double leather and buckle straps on each shoe. ILoveLeatherNYC’s video tutorial shows you how to sew the leather straps and attach the ribbon, to create an edgier kind of ballet flat.

14. How to sew ballet flats

If you want to make lace up flats from scratch, start with this tutorial.

The written tutorial tells you what you’ll need to make the shoes, and detailed instructions on how to sew them. There’s also a link to a free, downloadable pattern.

Once you’ve sewn your ballet flats, turn them into lace up flats using the techniques shown in the other tutorials on this list!

15. How to make ballet flat uppers

This is another tutorial that shows you how to make ballet flats from scratch, this time with even more detailed instructions. The site has in-depth tutorials on shoe construction, and this tutorial shows you how to make a ballet flat.

All you’ll need to do is add your ties to finish your lace up flats!

16. How to tie ballet flats

If you’re looking for new ways to tie your shiny new DIY lace up flats, check out this video! The Models Market proves that there’s more than one way to lace up your ballet flats, with no less than three different ways to tie the ribbons or cords, each producing a different look.

What’s more, the video shows you how to tie each style step by step, so you’ll always look perfectly polished!

Wrapping up

We love the look of a pair of lace up ballet flats, and these are practical and comfortable to wear too! The tutorials listed here show just how versatile the lace up ballet flat can be – you can stick with sweet and classic or mix things up with different styles and designs.

Most of these projects are fast and easy to make. In just an afternoon and with a few basic supplies, you’ll be able to whip up a pair of lace up flats that represent your own, unique style!

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