Any parent can tell you how much hassle organizing kids’ birthday parties can be. From invitations to party games and snacks to the birthday cake, there’s so much to take care of!

At least you’ll be able to take one thing off your to-do list with these easy, affordable, and fun truck birthday invitations.

Best Truck Birthday Invitation Tutorials

Many little boys and girls love trucks, so if your child falls into this category; they’ll go crazy for truck invitations to give out to their friends. Maybe you’re planning a construction-themed party, so it’s essential to have truck birthday invites to match.

Check out these cute truck invitations that you can make yourself for a personal touch that will also help to keep expenses to a minimum!

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1. Dump truck birthday invitations

This adorable and customizable dump truck card makes the perfect birthday invitations for your little one’s party. They are relatively easy to make; you’ll just need some cardstock, brads, a paper cutter and a few other craft tools.

Possibly the best part of this design is that the back and the wheels are fully moveable, thanks to the brads used in construction. Kids will love playing with these invites!

You can write whatever you want on the back of the truck, and then have more text revealed when the back of the card is moved. For example, you can write the main message on the front, and then the time, date, and location of the party underneath.

Because this card is fully customizable, you can make the invitation into a greeting card instead if you wish – by writing a happy birthday message on the back of the truck. 

Want to make your own dump truck birthday invitations or greeting card? You’ll find the full written instructions here.

2. Construction birthday invitation templates and tutorial

These days,  by far the easiest way to make birthday party invitations is to design them on a computer and print them out. With modern technology you can easily make a creative, professional-looking truck birthday invitation in practically no time at all.

If the mere thought of making a digital invitation from scratch gives you a headache, don’t worry- there’s an easier way! This tutorial shows you how and gives you templates that can be easily customized with all the details for your child’s birthday.

There are six different construction templates to choose from, including several with trucks, and each can be edited in MS Word – so you don’t need to worry about having any fancy programs on your computer. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions – there are even a couple of videos to help you along the way.

Then all you’ll need to do is print your invitations – if you don’t have a color printer, simply head to the nearest office supply store and have them print off a batch for you. Then you’re all set and can start planning the rest of your child’s party!

Take a look at the written tutorial and download your template here.

3. Drevio monster truck birthday party invitations

This is another digital truck invitation you can make yourself, this time with a video tutorial that walks you through the process.

Don’t worry if you’re a little technically challenged, as the video walks you through everything step by step, from downloading the template to your computer to customizing your design and entering the party details. You can use a template as the basis for the invitation, then choose any pictures, colors, and fonts you like!

Watch the tutorial here to learn everything you need to know to make your own monster truck invitations.

4. DIY cars and trucks decorations

This site has loads of cars and trucks DIY decorations giving you everything you need for a fun truck-themed party! You can download the printables for free, then all you’ll need to do is print them out in glorious color and you’ll be set to turn your space into a truck paradise.

Once printed, simply cut out each item and put them together in a few easy steps. You can even get your kids involved in putting everything together as a fun family activity.

The printables include bunting, a welcome sign, cupcake toppers, and party bag tags. Other than the printables, you’ll just need a few basic supplies like twine and wooden sticks for the cupcake toppers.

Once the party is over, you can keep some items like the bunting and the wall sign to brighten up your child’s room. You can get the printables and instructions here.

5. Kids birthday invitation cards

These invites don’t feature trucks, but they do have a bunch of other cool ideas for kids’ birthday invitations, all made by hand. The tutorials include heart-shaped, cupcake, and pinwheel birthday invitation cards in bright colors.

 The video shows you how to make each of these cards step by step, and the projects are easy to make. You’ll only need a few supplies such as colored paper or cardstock, glitter pens, glitter foam sheets, glue, and scissors.

These are also great projects to have your kids make themselves, because they’re easy and fun to make. This will encourage your little ones to embrace their creative side, not to mention keeping them busy while you get on with other preparations.

Check out the video tutorial here.

Why make your own invitations?

Celebrating birthdays is important, especially for children. A birthday party is a rite of passage that marks the passage of time as well as spending precious time with our loved ones.

However, kids’ parties can get expensive, and every little thing adds up. Making your own invitations will let you save some cash that you can spend on other things for the party such as food and entertainment.

Furthermore, DIY invitations add a personal touch that your guests will appreciate – especially cool hand-made invites like these dump truck birthday invitations.

If you want to get fancy you can also bust out your cricut machine and design your own invitations. Here’s a clever tutorial that shows you how.

Common mistakes to avoid

If using brads to make moving parts on your truck birthday invitations, such as the first project on this list, there’s one very common mistake to avoid.

Never push the brad through the paper directly – always use a paper piercer first to make a hole then slide the brad through the hole. This will make a nice, neat hole that is the perfect size, and avoid tearing the paper.

When making digital invitations, be sure to print on high-quality paper or card stock. The quality of your printer is also important – if your home printer is not up to scratch, consider having them printed at your local office supply store.

Of course, there are always a multitude of things that can go wrong when using a computer! Be sure to watch or read the tutorials carefully and follow every step, as missing out even a small step can mean that the whole thing doesn’t work!

Can kids make truck birthday invitations?

One of the best things about DIY truck birthday invitations is that your kids can help you make them, which is an excellent way to get them involved in the birthday party preparations. And, of course, we think anything that gets your kids into crafts is a good thing!  

If your kids are making the invitations themselves, be sure to supervise them to avoid any little accidents. The tutorials on this list do not involve using very sharp or hazardous objects, but scissors, glue, and even glitter can involve risks.

You don’t want your kids to hurt themselves or cause any damage so keep a close eye on them!

Final thoughts

Making your own DIY truck birthday invitations will help you to save a few pennies when putting on a party for your little one. But more importantly, you’ll be able to make some cool, personalised invitations that your child will love and maybe even get your kids involved in the process!

Whether you want to make the invitations by hand or produce a professional-level digital version, these tutorials will show you how, breaking everything down step by step.

If you want to try some other fun paper crafts check out our post on Paper Nesting Cats.

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