diy lego cufflinks

LEGO cufflinks make a quirky gift for anyone who used to play with LEGO – or still does! You’ll find these available to buy online, but you can easily make your own for a more personal touch.

Why you should create your own DIY LEGO cufflinks

LEGO cufflinks are not only fun to wear – they’re also super easy and fun to make!

You can make a pair of these in a few steps with just a couple of materials and no special tools. This makes them ideal for kids to make for a father’s day or Christmas present.

DIY LEGO cufflinks are also much cheaper than the Premium silver or gold options that are available. There are also more affordable handmade cufflinks on Etsy, but it’s fun to make your own, and add a personal touch.

Did you know that the LEGO brand is not your only option? Check out these best LEGO alternatives for both play and DIY projects.

Our favorite DIY LEGO cufflink tutorials

These DIY LEGO cufflinks are a fun and easy project that would make a cute gift for Father’s Day. So easy, in fact, that your little ones could follow one of these videos or written tutorials to make a personalized present that is sure to put a smile on dad’s face!

1. LEGO bricks cufflinks

These novelty cufflinks made from LEGO make a perfect Father’s Day present, Christmas gift, or Wedding favor.

Thanks to the diverse colors and types of LEGO bricks available, you can easily customize these to match any favorite color, style, or wedding theme. This is a simple but effective design, and the cufflinks look great!

They’re also cheap to make – the gold and silver-plated cufflink blanks look elegant but are inexpensive and easy to find online. The shape of the bottom of a LEGO brick is perfect to neatly fit and secure the fitting with just a touch of glue.

JEWELLERYTRADE’s video tutorial walks you through how to make these cute LEGO cufflinks step by step. The video also shows you how to attach the fittings to the lego bricks with quick-drying Epoxy resin.

2. Metallic LEGO cufflinks

This is another really simple and easy project. Like the above tutorial, this uses blank cufflinks as the base and regular LEGO bricks.

We love how the LEGO bricks are coated in metallic silver spray paint in a nod to real silver cufflinks. Of course, you could spray paint in any color or just leave the LEGO in their own color – it’s up to you!

This is a quick and easy two-step process: simply spray paint the bricks, then glue them to the cuff links. If you don’t spray paint your LEGO bricks first, it’ll make this project even quicker and easier.

We like this one because it uses slim LEGO bricks that sit nicely on the wrist and are less likely to knock or catch on things when you wear them.

Check out this written tutorial from Dream a Little Bigger by Allison Murray for clear instructions for making these elegant cufflinks. You can use the same concept to make just about any type of cufflinks by gluing anything onto the blank cuff links – you’ll only be limited by your imagination!

3. LEGO cufflinks using epoxy

This project uses epoxy, making it very durable. However, you do need to take a bit of care when working with this material, and young crafters will need to be supervised.

It is important to use a good quality epoxy otherwise it may not stick well or stand up to use. Even though these are cute novelty items, you also want them to be functional and usable as cufflinks, which they won’t be if they fall apart.

This written tutorial tells you how to make these and also has loads of handy tips about the glue to use and the best spots to buy cufflink blanks.

The tutorial features different kinds of LEGO – regular square blocks, slim blocks, and half blocks put together. This means you can easily use whatever blocks you have lying around, or whatever you can get your hands on.

Other great LEGO gift DIYs to try

LEGO is not only great for making cufflinks, but you can use it to create some other unique DIY projects! These easy LEGO DIY projects would also make excellent gifts, and are kid-friendly to boot!

4. LEGO phone stand

This is another cute idea for a gift you or your little ones can make for dad out of LEGO.

A phone stand is always handy and we love the little LEGO wheels on this one. It’s designed for stop motion, but you could also use it to watch videos, scroll through photos, or simply tidy your phone away in a safe place.

Depending on the intended use, you could make it without the wheels to be more stable. It’s made from just a few simple LEGO pieces such as bricks, a baseplate, and LEGO wheels.

The finished product is pretty strong as is, but if you want to make it extra sturdy, you can glue the bricks together. Of course, this does mean that you won’t be able to reuse the LEGO for anything else!

Nation of Bricks’ video goes through the whole process step by step, showing you how to make your own LEGO phone stand.

5. DIY LEGO calendar

Here’s another cool idea for turning LEGO into a cute gift or home décor item for yourself – a desk calendar!

The calendar’s base is constructed out of LEGO, with changeable month displays made from LEGO and printed labels. This is super easy to make if you already have a label printer at home.

The date blocks are also made out of LEGO bricks – just rotate them every day to change the date like a regular desk calendar!

This video from TD BRICKS explains how they made their DIY LEGO calendar with some tips for choosing colors and putting it together.

6. LEGO “I love Dad”

This is an adorable present for your little crafters to make for Dad for his birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day.

The easy DIY uses just LEGO blocks, so it’s suitable for very young children to make. You should follow the age guidelines on the LEGO set, but many are suitable for ages four and up.

The video tutorial from Brick Obama shows you how to make this easy project – simply follow along with the video step by step and brick by brick! This includes instructions for how to make a LEGO love heart, which you could also use for a range of other projects.

7. LEGO key holder

These days LEGO bricks come in so many shapes and sizes that there are almost limitless options for what you can make with LEGO! You can even get LEGO bricks with holes in them which are perfect for creating a key holder.

DW Euromaxx’s video tutorial shows you how to make the basic structure from LEGO, add key rings to hang the keys, and attach to the wall with double-sided tape.

We love the clever hack of attaching the key rings to the LEGO bricks. Then you simply take the key with the LEGO brick attached when you want to use it, and then snap the bricks back on when you want to hang them up.

The other great thing about using a LEGO board as the base is that you can embellish it however you like, whether it is with the word “keys”, a picture, or a motif!

Wrapping up

You might not think of LEGO as a craft material, but loads of fun DIY projects use these versatile blocks.

LEGO cufflinks are super easy to make, and you’ll whip up a quirky gift in no time with just a few supplies. But the fun doesn’t stop there, as there are a bunch of other presents you can make with LEGO, from phone stands to key holders.

You can also use the above tutorials as inspiration to come up with your own funky gifts, or keep them for yourself!

If you’ve enjoyed this list of the best DIY LEGO cufflinks and other cute LEGO DIYs, feel free to share it with your friends!

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