DIY necklace

We love a great DIY necklace – you can create a unique piece to express your sense of style, or as a personalized gift for someone you love. There are also some cool options when it comes to handmade necklaces, from vintage-style chokers to delicate beaded necklaces and resin pendants.

The best DIY necklace tutorials for creating stunning jewelry at home

There’s some fantastic DIY necklace tutorials online in all kinds of styles, types of pieces, and using a range of materials. Once you realize how fun and easy it is to make your own pieces, you’ll never buy a necklace again!

DIY beaded necklaces

Beads are one of the most common materials for DIY necklaces, and for good reason. You’ll find a wide range of stunning beads online, most of them for very affordable prices.

Furthermore, DIY beaded necklaces are some of the easiest projects to make – so you can jump in even if you’re a complete beginner!

1. DIY rice pearl necklace

This project is pretty easy, but it’s best attempted if you have at least some experience creating jewelry. You’ll also need some jewelry making tools like needle nose pliers and a bead crimp tool.

We like the fun mix of pearl beads (irregular freshwater pearls and rice-shaped freshwater pearls), glass seed beads, jade beads, some cute smiley flowers, and alphabet beads for something a bit different.

This video tutorial from Stephanie Villa shows you how to make this cute necklace step by step. The video features a short necklace, but you can customize the length according to your preferences.

2. Bead jewelry basics tutorial

Katie Marie’s video tutorial is a general introduction to creating bead jewlery – whether necklaces, bracelets, anklets, or rings. It features tips for working with seed beads as well as patterns and inspiration to create your own beaded jewelry designs.

You’ll learn what materials to use, how to tape down the string to secure while you bead, and how to tie off when you’ve finished beading. This is a great way to get started with beaded jewelry and will empower you to create your own beaded necklaces.

3. Cute dainty beaded necklace

We love these simple, clean, and pretty beaded necklaces. They are also super easy to make – you simply thread the beads onto string and then finish with jump rings, clasps, and crimp beads.

We particularly love the lilac glass seed beads and tiny silver charms, which are dainty and elegant.

Jenna Phipps’ video showcases different designs, using tiny seed beads as well as slightly larger pearl beads with a cute charm. Each is a short necklace that looks stunning layered with a longer pendant, or even several necklaces.

DIY chokers

These chokers will allow you to express your own unique sense of style, whether you love a vintage look, a boho vibe, or something clean and modern. These projects are also easy to make with just a few materials.

4. Retro choker necklace

This stunning choker necklace is reminiscent of the 90s trend, which was in turn inspired by the Victorian era. The choker is made from a wide velvet ribbon with an elegant pearl charm.

You can also make it without the charm for a simple but still beautiful choker and play with the width of the velvet ribbon for different effects.

Using ribbon crimps rather than cord crimps is important as the former will grip the ribbon properly.

Check out this video tutorial by Dacey Cash for detailed instructions on how to do this project. It covers how to measure the length of your choker – this is important as if it is too short it will be uncomfortable, but you also don’t want your choker to be too long as it will gape rather than sitting nicely on your neck.

5. DIY Tumblr choker

JENerationDIY’s video features lots of inspiration for different types of chokers. There are four different choker projects to try: gemstone and pearl choker, a choker with a wire moon pendant, a quartz crystal choker, and a boho tie choker with gold tips.

Some of the projects use cord, others use ribbon, and you’ll likely be able to use materials you already have at home in your craft cupboard. Follow along with the video tutorial for each step of the process to create each of the chokers.

Each design is simple yet elegant as well as being easy to make. Having said that, you will need a few specialist tools like pliers.

6. Easy tattoo choker

The tattoo choker is another highly popular style that is straight out of the 90’s. You’ll be surprised how easy this is to make, and Vaaanesser’s video tutorial will show you how!

Because you’re making this from stretch cord, this tattoo choker is easy to fit and comfortable to wear. This also means it’s easy to make as a gift even if you don’t know the recipient’s neck size.

The video shows you how to loop and knot the cord to create the tattoo effect. You’ll need a black stretch cord, a lighter, and scissors and you’ll have a stunning tattoo choker in no time.

DIY pendant necklaces

Pendant necklaces are easy to make, yet give you the opportunity to embrace your creativity with unique elements such as photos or smooth sea glass.

7. DIY photo pendant necklace

We love using digital photos in our DIY! Photos are an awesome way to personalize your projects, whether it’s for yourself or a present for someone you love.

This necklace is a particularly creative way to use photos. You’ll just need to print your images on photo paper, cut out and fit into a bezel or a setting of your choice. Finally, glue a glass dome on top of the image.

It looks great with photos of your friends or family, but you could customize it with any image of your choice, such as artwork or an abstract design. Co Marie’s video goes through how to make a DIY photo pendant necklace – copy their design or use their techniques to create your own!

8. DIY sea glass necklace

We love the subtle beauty of sea glass, and there’s no better way to show it off than with a pendant necklace. You can use an old piece of sea glass you found on the beach, or if you don’t have any handy, you’ll also find pieces of sea glass available for purchase online.

This project is super easy to make – you just wrap bead wire around the sea glass piece, which will hold it in place while forming a delicate setting at the same time. The uneven shape of sea glass makes it ideal for this technique, as the wire sits nicely in between the smooth bumps.

This video by Brittany Acee shows you how to wrap your pendant, as well as form a loop with the same piece of wire.

9. DIY resin necklace

Resin is a fantastic material for DIY jewelry – with just a little practice, you’ll be making professional-looking pieces in no time! You can use resin to cover images, textiles, or tiny items to create a diverse range of stunning pendants.

Although pretty easy to work with, you will need some tools such as pliers, jump rings, and lobster clamps. If you want to make this project even easier, you could adapt a simple store-bought necklace and add the resin feature.

This tutorial from JuneBeautique DIY demonstrates how to make four different resin pendant necklaces. The video also gives safety tips for working with resin. This is important, as resin can be a dangerous chemical and so needs to be handled properly.

Other DIY necklace ideas

These projects show how versatile DIY necklaces are – whether made from crochet, wood, or wire. Check out these fun pieces for even more ideas and inspiration!

10. Wire name necklace

This name necklace is the ultimate personalized gift, or you can make it as a present for yourself! In this project, you craft a stunning cursive name from wire and hang it from a chain on each side with jump rings.

You form each letter by wrapping it around round-nosed pliers. We like the classic gold wire and chain used in the video, though you could use any tone you like, and even mix different colors for the name and the chain.

You can also adapt this design to any word, not just names – it could be a mantra, something to express your good wishes, or to celebrate a life event. The tutorial from A Twist in the Plot shows you how to make the name from wire and mount on the chain, and finishing the name with an adorable little heart.

11. Resin and wood necklace

This pendant necklace has a stunning modular design made from layers of resin and wood. This cool mix of mediums has a very modern look.

The versatile nature of resin means you can make this pendant virtually any shade you want, and you can also vary the type of wood and varnish for different effects.

This video by Catwood Creation shows you how easy this project is to make – simply create the structure with strips of wood, then use the resin to fill in between each piece. You then cut down to your desired size and shape, and smooth off with sandpaper to finish.

12. Crochet necklace

You may associate crochet with table cloths or clothing, but this medium is also perfect for making stunning jewelry, like this flower choker necklace. This boho-style necklace features a row of crochet flowers, creating a daisy chain effect.

This is an easy project, and VivCrochet’s video goes through the whole process, from casting on to the final stitch. This means that this one is suitable for all levels, even complete beginners!

If you’re new to the craft, you can also check out this guide to crochet for beginners.

Wrapping up

There are so many fantastic ideas for DIY necklaces out there, using a range of materials and techniques. Whether you decide to create a beaded necklace, a cute choker, or a resin pendant, you can take these projects as inspiration and make them your own.

Follow along with these video tutorials step by step, or adapt the techniques to come up with your own designs!

If you’ve loved these creative DIY necklaces, go ahead and share this article on social media and check out these other DIY jewelry tutorials, along with these DIY ring dish ideas.

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