Who doesn’t love a stunning piece of jewelry?

If you always thought that jewelry was too difficult to make yourself, check out these 20 DIY jewelry projects that you can do at home.

DIY jewelry tutorials for every skill level

There are an incredible amount of DIY jewelry tutorials online. So many, in fact, that deciding which project to make can be pretty overwhelming!

We’ve gathered the best DIY jewelry videos around and categorized them based on the medium. So first, decide if you want to make a beautiful piece from wire, clay, fabric, or metal, then pick one of the tutorials below and dive in.

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Wire wrap jewelry tutorials

Wire wrap jewelry is super simple to make, but it needs only a few basic supplies and no special tools. Here are some of our favorite wire wrap jewelry tutorials to try.

1. Wire wrapped earrings

With just a little wire, two 8mm beads, and a couple of earring hooks, you can make a pair of wire-wrapped earrings. These earrings are simple, elegant, and are easy enough that even complete beginners will be able to make them!

The video tutorial walks you through the project step by step – all you need to do is follow along! Learn how to make your own wire wrapped earrings here.

2. Easy wire wrapped pendant

If you’ve never tried making jewelry before, this project is an excellent place to start. This wire wrapped pendant has stunning art-nouveau inspired swirls but is surprisingly simple to make.

This video tutorial will teach you how to make the pendant, breaking every step down so that even complete beginners can follow along. We love the video’s mix of rose gold wire and eggshell blue, but of course, you can get creative with your combinations!

Check out the video tutorial here.

3. Wire wrap gemstones

Who doesn’t love jewelry made from natural gemstones? The best thing about these gemstone pendants is that you can make them with any smooth, natural, or cut gemstone.

The wrap design holds the gemstone in place, so you won’t need to worry about finding stones with holes drilled through them (or try to drill them yourself!). The tutorial shows you how to wrap wire around the gemstone in different geometric and decorative shapes, and form a hook to hang your pendant on a chain or cord.

Get busy with wire wrap gemstones by watching the video tutorial here.

4. Wire wrapped rings

You don’t need to limit your wire wrap jewelry to pendants and earrings. You can also use this technique to make rings easily!

These rings are simply a single piece of wire forming the band and the setting for the stone. The tutorial uses a simple technique of wrapping the wire many times around your finger, gathering this together, and then further wrapping the wire to form the setting and secure the band.

Learn how to make these easy wire rings here, plus check learn how to make a DIY ring dish to store your new ring in.

5. Easy beaded wire wrap bangle

We love the minimalist and elegant design of this wire wrap and bead bangle. It uses a thicker, heavier wire than many DIY wire wrap projects that creates an interesting frame around each bead.

The video tutorial walks you through the process of making this bangle, which you can adapt by using wire and beads in different colors. The video also shows you how to use a similar technique to make a wire-wrap ring.

Watch the video here to learn this technique.

Polymer clay jewelry tutorials

Polymer clay is perfect for making all kinds of jewelry, from rings and earrings to pendants and bracelets. This versatile material can easily be molded and shaped to make a professional-looking piece.

6. Chunky rings

Polymer clay is perfect for making your own rings. This material is fun to work with, and you can easily mold it into cute chunky rings.

The video tutorial goes through how to do this step by step, showing you how to roll out the clay and form rings in a variety of different ways. The video features an impressive range of designs and textures in both solid and multi color.

Dive in by watching the video tutorial here.

7. Geometric pendants

This tutorial showcases four different geometric pendant designs, showing you how to make each one. Each is a simple but professional-looking design using triangle and chevron shapes – your friends won’t believe you’ve made it yourself!

The video demonstrates each project step by step, covering how to roll out the polymer clay, mold and cut the pendant, mount the pendant on a chain and fix it to the closure.

Take a look at the video tutorial here and choose one of these cute designs to make, or make them all!

8. Gold leaf marble earrings

This project is another excellent example of how easy it is to create stunning, professional-looking jewelry with polymer clay. These marble earrings are finished with gold leaf for a luxe look, though this does make this project a little more involved.

The tutorial shows you how to create a marble effect with polymer clay using minimalist natural tones. Follow along with the video to make faux marble clay, and see how to turn this into earrings.

Ready to get started? Check out the video tutorial here.

9. Luminous mushroom pendant

This project takes polymer clay to the next level with luminous powder for extra shine. This addition complements the fantasy woodland design of this wreath pendant with tiny mushrooms and crystals.

Though the video shows you how to make the pendant step-by-step, this is a more advanced project. We recommend you build your confidence working with polymer clay first with some of the easier tutorials on this list!

Create your own fantasy wonderland pendant by watching the video here.

10. Polymer clay bracelet

We love the pretty spring design that runs around the outside of this bangle. The base of the bangle and the trees, flowers, and birds that decorate it are made from polymer clay.

To follow the tutorial exactly, you’ll need a few special polymer clay tools detailed in the video description. However, you could adapt the techniques here to do the whole project by hand.

Take a look at the video tutorial here.

DIY Crochet jewelry

Crochet is a fantastic medium for DIY jewelry because it is easy to do, needs few specialist supplies or tools, and is versatile enough to create various effects. To learn the basics of crochet, check out this crochet guide for beginners.

11. Crochet earrings

These large crochet earrings have a retro, boho vibe. The earrings use metal hoop earrings as a base, and then you crochet the design over the top of the hoop.

The tutorial shows you how to make this project in detail, from casting on and crocheting the stitches, to completing the pattern. The video also goes into detail about the materials you should use, including tips on choosing the right kind of yarn.

Grab your crochet hook and follow the tutorial here.

12. Crochet rose ring

These adorable crochet rose rings are a fantastic way to use up those scraps of yarn you have cluttering up your craft cupboard. The video tutorial shows you how to use easy crochet techniques to make the ring band and a rose-style setting.

The tutorial suggests using worsted weight yarn in red or pink, with green yarn for the band to represent the stem and leaves.

You’ll find the video here if you want to try your hand at making a crochet rose ring.

13. Crochet daisy chain necklace

This lovely daisy chain necklace is deceptively easy to make. By using beads and crochet, you can create a necklace that looks like pearls on a metal chain.

The video goes through how to make this project stitch by stitch, and shows you how to join the necklace into one neat chain. The tutorial combination uses an elegant mix of small white and gold beads with gold yarn, though this would also look stunning in bold colors.

Get ready to make your daisy chain necklace by watching the video here.

14. Crochet cord bracelet

This simple bracelet is a fantastic way for complete beginners to practice their crochet skills. These casual cord bracelets are super cute and make great gifts too!

The video tutorial breaks down all the basics, starting with what crochet hook and yarn to use and showing you how to cast on. You can then work alongside the video to make your own cord bracelet.

Dive into crochet by checking out the video here.

15. Crochet-covered glass bead pendants

This one is straight out of the 1970’s! This project features funky glass beads wrapped in a crochet design and hung from a chunky bead necklace.

Watch the video tutorial to learn how to make the project, which materials to use and how you can adapt the design to different sizes.

Want to make these retro crochet pendants? Take a look at the tutorial here.

Metal jewelry and silversmithing DIY tutorials

Although more advanced than the techniques mentioned above, making your own metal jewelry is a rewarding art that allows you to produce incredible results.

16. Easy silversmith pendant

If you’ve always wanted to try silversmithing but have been too intimidated to attempt it, this video is a great place to start! The tutorial is designed for complete beginners and aims to give a comprehensive introduction to the art form.

As well as learning the basics of silversmithing, you’ll make a beautiful leaf pendant. As with any metal work, you will need to use some specialist and potentially hazardous equipment such as a torch and soldering stick, so be sure to follow the proper safety precautions.

Once you’ve finished this project, you’ll have the skills you need to tackle more silversmithing and maybe even create your own designs!

Watch the video here if you want to get started with silversmithing.

17. Gold-filled jewelry

This is another tutorial that aims to introduce DIY metal jewelry, specifically gold-filled metal pieces. The video shows you the basics of working with gold-filled metal, which you can use to make rings, earrings, cufflinks, or just about any type of jewelry.

This technique involves mechanically bonding a solid layer of gold onto base metal, allowing you to make stunning gold pieces.

Watch this introduction to gold-filled jewelry here.

18. Easy stacking rings

Stacking rings are a great look, and super versatile items that can be mixed and matched with other pieces. These small, delicate rings are also easy to make, so make an excellent project for beginners.

This video tutorial outlines all the tools and materials you need, then shows you how to make the rings step by step.

Keen to dive into this project? Check out the video here.

19. Sterling silver pendant

We love these sterling silver pendants’ astrological-inspired designs based on the constellations. This is a simple yet effective project that lets you wear a little piece of starry sky.

The video starts by showing you how to set up your design, then goes through each step of the process to make the pendant. This is a relatively easy project, but would be best attempted once you have at least some experience in metal working.

Take a look at the video tutorial here.

20. Easy silver ring

This beginner-friendly silversmithing project is an easy but beautiful set of three silver rings. Some people find that their skin reacts to silver, so it’s best to use sterling silver to make the rings.

The tutorial breaks down how to make these rings, explaining in detail and simple enough terms for beginners.

Make your own silver ring by watching the video here.

Wrapping up

There are many types of DIY jewelry that are surprisingly easy to make. While metalworking and silversmithing are more involved and need a range of special tools, other mediums like crochet and wire can be easily made with just a few basic supplies.

Whichever technique you choose, you’ll be stunned by the professional-looking results.

If this round up has inspired you to take up DIY jewelry, go ahead and share this article with your friends and family so they can discover this amazing craft too! And to dive deeper into the world of jewelry making, check out our post on the difference between fashion jewelry vs fine jewelry.

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