Decorating eggs is a well-loved Easter tradition, as well as being fun and easy to do.

Here we’ll share tons of easy egg decorating ideas that you can do at home.

Fun and simple ways to decorate eggs

We’ve rounded up the best ways to decorate eggs, whether for Easter or just for fun! Most of these techniques are super simple, and all produce beautiful results.

These techniques are best with empty eggs that have been blown out (learn how to do this here) or faux craft eggs. Of course, you can always decorate hard boiled eggs and then eat them for a truly fancy treat!

1. Dyed eggs

Dyeing is the classic way to decorate eggs for Easter or any other occasion! It also forms the basis of many other egg decorating techniques, so if you want to learn the basics of this craft, you should start with dyeing.

There are various ways to dye eggs, and you can achieve a variety of effects depending on the technique you use. We recommend you try out a few methods and see which works best for you!

This video tutorial shows you no less than eight ways to dye eggs, from using crayons to create details to taping off sections to make stripes. The video also has loads of handy tips to help you make the perfectly dyed egg.

2. Painted eggs

If you don’t want to dye your eggs, another, even easier way to color them is with paint. Acrylic paint is the best option as it easily sticks to the eggs and covers them well.

There are a variety of ways to do this, from applying the paint with a brush to rolling the egg in the paint. This video tutorial has a bunch of useful DIY painted egg ideas and hacks.

3. Two-toned dyed eggs

Once you’ve mastered the art of egg dyeing you can take it to the next level with two-toned dyed eggs. As the name suggests, this involves dyeing each egg twice, in different colors.

You can create different effects by overlapping the two colors or leaving a white strip in between.

This tutorial breaks down the basics of two-toned dyed eggs, walking you through the process step by step.

4. Triple dipped eggs

Take your egg dyeing to the next level with the triple-dip method. This method is best with a hard-boiled egg!

Tip the egg in dye, then repeat two times at different angles to create interesting geometric patterns. For a more varied effect, leave each layer in the dye for different lengths of time.

5. Pressed flower eggs

Pressed flowers can also be used to decorate eggs in a lovely, natural motif. Collect flowers, leaves, or buds – smaller flowers like violas and alyssum work best – and press them in a flower press or between the pages of a heavy book.

Once pressed, use some Mod Podge and a flat paintbrush to stick them to the front of the eggs. Add some thin layers of Mod Podge over the top to finish.

6. Photo eggs

You can also use photos of your loved ones to create unique Easter eggs. You’ll love seeing your family’s beautiful faces looking back at you from the eggs.

This method brings a truly personal touch to egg decorating. You can also use them for a fun Easter egg hunt where everyone has to find the egg with their face on it!

All you need to do is attach photos printed on paper and stick them on with craft glue. It’s best to use plain white eggs as a base to let the photos stand out.

If you want to try your hand at photo eggs, take a look at this tutorial.

7. Confetti eggs

These days there are so many different types of confetti available, so why not put it to good use in decorating your eggs? For optimal results, dye your eggs in a solid color and then glue confetti around the base of the egg, fading up the side.

Metallic confetti is the most durable option and creates a sparkling, disco-ball effect. You can also experiment with other types, from tissue paper confetti to diamond confetti.

8. Glitter eggs

Who doesn’t love glitter?

You can make a super-sparkly egg by coating the egg all over with craft glue. Then roll the egg in a bowl of glitter and spoon the glitter over the wet glue to full coat the egg.

Alternatively, go for a more subtle finish by dipping the base of the egg in glue and then glitter. Then simply set it in an egg cup upside down and let it dry.

9. Puff paint polka dots

For a simple yet effective way to decorate your eggs, blow out the inside and paint the egg with acrylic paint. Then, embellish by painting polka dots on the eggs with glue and sprinkling glitter on top.

Or, to make things even easier, apply the polka dots with puff paint. Whether you use glitter or plain puff paint, it will add a three-dimensional texture to the polka dots.

Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to polka dots – you can use puff paint to easily apply swirls, stripes, stars, or any motif you can think of!

10. Striped eggs

An easy way to add interest to your dyed Easter eggs is with a few stripes. This one is so simple that you can even get the kids involved!

Just wrap one, two, or three rubber bands around the egg and then submerse in dye. Once dry, remove the rubber bands to reveal white stripes.

You can experiment with different-sized rubber bands or criss-cross rubber bands on top of each other to create a lattice pattern – check out this video for more on this technique.

11. White paint pen eggs

We love paint pens because they’re so versatile and easy to use – and it turns out they’re great for egg decorating too! White paint pens look stunning on hard-cooked brown eggs.

Choose fine-tipped pens and draw on lines or patterns. You can even write something on the eggs, like a special message.

12. Washi tape eggs

Washi tape has become a major trend in recent years. Crafters love to use it to decorate their journals and papercrafts, but it’s perfect for egg decorating too!

One easy way to create a stunning effect is to cut the tape into triangular pieces and place them on the egg for a mosaic effect. You don’t need to paint or prep the egg first, though white eggs make a better base for most Washi colors and patterns.

Check out this tutorial for detailed instructions on using Washi tape to make stunning decorated eggs.

13. Mosaic eggs

This method is a great way to use broken eggshells following mishaps when blowing out your eggs, creating a dynamic, graphic pattern.

The first thing you need to do is paint or dye the pieces of broken eggshells. Then, glue them on top of your egg in a mosaic pattern.

You can glue the piece on top of any kind of egg, but for the most dramatic effect, we suggest using un-dyed white eggs.

14. Marbled eggs

You don’t need to limit yourself to plain colors or patterns on your eggs. It’s deceptively easy to create a stunning marble-like effect on the surface of the eggs.

All you need to add olive oil to your dye solution, and you’ll get a unique mottled look that turns out differently every time. If you want to learn more about making your own marble eggs, check out this video tutorial.

15. Sprinkle eggs

We love how many egg decorating ideas can be found around the house, and this is a great example! Head to your pantry and get out your regular confectioner’s sprinkles.

Then take your eggs and cover them in craft glue. Spoon the sprinkles onto the egg section by section, and let each area dry before decorating the next part of the egg.

16. Watercolor floral eggs

There is a range of ways you can use paints to decorate eggs. Although acrylics are the most common medium for this, you can achieve some beautiful effects using watercolors.

One easy way to embrace your creativity to make stunning watercolor eggs is to brush the egg with water, then brush a watercolor paint over the top with light strokes.

The trick to this is to only paint over wet sections of the egg to create a smooth effect. If you’re feeling really artistic, try your hand at these watercolor floral eggs.

17. Pom pom eggs

Mini pom poms are another fantastic way to brighten up your eggs easily. All you need is a few pom-poms, and glue them onto the egg in patterns.

We find these work best with pom-poms in at least two different sizes. You can take Scandinavian Scandi design as inspiration!

18. Tie dyed eggs

Remember those old tie-dye t-shirts from the 1960s? You can also use this effect to create fun and colorful Easter eggs!

There are a few ways to do this. You can spray a paper towel with white vinegar and then add food coloring in two or three colors before gathering the paper towel around the egg to transfer the color.

You can also use brush pens for an easy and effective way to make tie-dye eggs, like in this tutorial.

19. Paper punch eggs

Another creative and straightforward method of egg decorating is to use a craft punch. All you’ll need is one or more craft punches and some sheets of brightly colored paper.

Once you’ve punched out some shapes, fold them down the middle and glue them onto your eggs. These look best on eggs that are painted in solid, bold colors.

You can get a little creative with how you place them on the eggs. You don’t need to confine yourself to sticking them on the front of the eggs – you can also form a ring around the outside or in arcs, lines, or zigzags.

20. Unicorn eggs

You can make a range of cute animal designs with eggs as a base, but unicorn eggs might be our favorite! It’s surprising how effective a couple of ears and a horn in pretty colors can be.

This video tutorial breaks down how to make your own unicorn eggs from start to finish.

21. Naturally-dyed eggs

If you don’t want to go out and buy dye or are worried that this dye may be toxic, look no further than your pantry! You can make dyes from veggies and herbs such as beets, red or yellow onions, purple cabbage, and turmeric.

To make a natural dye, chop up one cup of the fresh vegetable or herb and soak in one cup of water. Then strain and add one tablespoon of white vinegar to the dye liquid. This tutorial has recipes for natural dyes suitable for egg decorating, as well as tips on perfect egg coloring with natural dyes.

22. Ukrainian eggs

Ukraine is celebrated for its stunning painted Easter eggs, or Pysanky. This folk art features geometric patterns and traditional symbols, and involves applying intricate patterns with beeswax and dyeing the eggs in a specific Ukrainian Easter egg dye.

This technique is a bit more advanced, so we recommend you give it a try once you’ve mastered the basics of egg decorating with some of the tutorials above. Once you’re feeling confident, have a look at this video tutorial and make your own Ukrainian Easter eggs.

23. Initial letter eggs

We not only love the simple design of initial or monogram decorated eggs, but these also make super-cute place markers for your Easter party or any other event.

You can easily make these using the wonders of negative space: stick on a letter template, spraypaint the egg, and then peel the letter off to reveal the design. You can do this in just about any color or style, but gold or copper metallic spray paint on a white egg looks amazing!

24. Foliage eggs

You can also use fresh leaves or flowers to decorate your eggs in another twist on natural motifs. This technique is a bold alternative to the dried flower version that makes a stunning contrast to plain white eggs.

You can make these by brushing glue on your egg, placing sprigs of leaves or flowers on top, and then painting watered-down craft glue over the top with a paintbrush. These look best when placed on the front of the egg or wrapped around the base.

For step-by-step instructions on making foliage eggs, check out this tutorial.

25. Sugared eggs

Make your eggs look like they’re covered in sugar by using clear, iridescent glitter. Start by covering half the egg in craft glue and sprinkling the glitter on top.

Once the glue and the glitter have dried, do the same on the other side.

You can cover natural eggs for more muted tones, or paint or dye them before coating them in the glitter to make pretty pastels.

26. Citrus eggs

Citrus colors always look bright and cheerful on any craft project. And so, citrus-inspired eggs bring a breath of fresh air to any Easter egg basket!

After dying the eggs in fresh citrus tones, complete the look by painting white, criss-crossing stripes to mimic the segments of the fruit. This tutorial has instructions on making delicious-looking citrus eggs, as well as other fruit-inspired ideas!

27. Stamped eggs

Another easy way to decorate your eggs is by using a stamp and a stamp pad. Use small, detailed stamps to create intricate designs.

A craft stamp pad is best suited for this, as it will make an excellent clear imprint on the surface of the egg. If you are stamping on hard-boiled or fresh eggs, make sure you use food-grade and boil-proof ink.

To dry the ink neatly, use a hairdryer on the lowest setting.

28. Pipe cleaner eggs

Pipe cleaners have been a staple craft supply for decades, and they can be used to create fuzzy and colorful decorated eggs too! A big plus of this technique is that it is mess-free.

Simply attach one end of a three to four inch pipe cleaner to the top of the egg with a little hot glue. Once the glue is dry, coil it around the egg, securing it with dots of hot glue as you go.

Once you’ve covered the whole egg, cut off any excess pipe cleaner, and you’re all done!

29. Wreath-crowned eggs

These eggs rock a beautiful flower crown worthy of any music festival! Besides being adorable, the big plus of this project is that it involves absolutely no paint or dye, and so no mess!

Take a look at this tutorial to learn how to make your very own wreath-crowned eggs. It’s easier than you might think!

30. Temporary tattoo eggs

You’d probably never think of using temporary tattoos to decorate your eggs, but this can create a really cool, edgy effect! All you’ll need to do is buy some rub-on transfers and temporary tattoo paper.

Then, apply the temporary tattoos to the eggs the same way you would put them on your skin. Usually, this looks best if you cut and overlap the tattoos, but play around with this to create your own designs!

31. Galaxy eggs

Galaxy eggs are a beautiful mix of blacks, blues, pinks, and purples with white speckled “stars” that look just like outer space. You can achieve that galactic effect by sponging acrylic paint in these colors onto the surface of your egg, and then flicking on the white paint with a stiff brush once the colors are dry.

Dyeable plastic craft eggs work best for this one, especially if you use oversized ones!

This site has both a step-by-step written tutorial and a video tutorial on making your own galaxy eggs.

32. Nail polish eggs

Paint and dye aren’t the only way you can color your eggs. Nail polish is also a great option, especially if you want to create a marbled effect.

To achieve this, drop some nail polish in a bowl of water and swirl around a little. Then, dip your egg in the liquid and let it dry!

33. Chick eggs

Chicks are a classic theme for any decorative Easter egg. Unsurprisingly, eggs are the perfect size and shape to make adorable little chicks.

You can make these by coloring eggs with yellow acrylic paint or yellow dye. Then add each chick’s features with paint, marker, or with eyes and beaks made from card stock.

There are stacks of different chick egg projects around – we particularly love this easy tutorial.

34. Graphic sharpie eggs

Go mod with graphic black and white eggs that only require a sharpie. Start with a plain white egg, and then use your sharpie to draw on bold stripes, spots, letters, or detailed patterns.

Experiment with fine-tip and thicker sharpies to create different patterns and textures.

35. Egg votive candles

For a different take on egg decorating, you can use your eggs to make candle holders. Hollow out your eggs and, once dry, break the shell with a spoon, so you have the bottom two-thirds left.

Next, dye the eggshell so it is colored on both the inside and outside. Pop a tealight candle inside, and you have a beautiful votive candle!

Wrapping up

Decorating eggs is a fantastic craft that is fun and easy to do. It also makes a great family activity, as most of these projects are easy enough for crafters of all ages, even little ones.

There is a vast range of egg decorating techniques, from painting and dyeing to markers, as well as tons of themes and patterns you can use. So why not unleash your creativity and come up with your unique egg designs?

If you feel inspired by the easy egg decorating ideas on this list, be sure to share them with your friends and family! For more fun and creative DIY ideas, check out these chore chart projects, truck birthday invitations and photo bookmarks.

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