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Crochet is a fascinating and versatile craft, and tapestry crochet is an excellent example of this. With this particular form of crochet, you can create amazing designs and even pictures with stitches of yarn.

11 free tapestry crochet patterns to get you started

Tapestry crochet is deceptively simple: it can seem pretty complex but many patterns are actually pretty easy to make. Here are 11 beginner-friendly projects that are free to access online!

1. Tapestry crochet pillow

This comprehensive video tutorial starts with the basics, breaking down the tapestry crochet process, starting with how to read a crochet chart. It then walks you through making your own pillow with a cheerful “hi” design.

The video also explains carrying the contrast color: an essential part of the tapestry crochet process. You’ll find comprehensive instructions for crocheting the pattern including introducing the contrasting color yarn to make the design, as well as constructing the pillow.

In addition to following the video tutorial, you can download the free pattern to make your own stunning pillow.

2. Crochet pineapple motif

With this free pattern, you’ll be able to make a cute pineapple motif square that you can use for a range of projects, from pillows to blankets. These kinds of cute squares are also a great way to practice tapestry crochet if you’re new to the technique.

We particularly love this fun pineapple motif that is sure to put you in a tropical frame of mind! The tutorial includes the full pattern, along with detailing everything you’ll need and notes on how to read the pattern.

The finished square is around four inches by four inches and looks great when made in bright colors from light-weight, cotton yarn.

3. Tapestry crochet cosmetic bag

We simply love the graphic print made from crochet featured on this cosmetic bag. This project uses fine cotton yarn to create a delicate, light-weight bag that fastens at the top with a button.

The pattern uses five different colors of yarn to create a dramatic geometric pattern. Because of the number of different colors, this one is probably not suited to absolute beginners, but will be relatively easy if you have at least a little experience with tapestry crochet.

The finished bag is perfect for stashing your cosmetics, but you can also use it to store jewelry or other valuables, or as a handy little bag to keep your suitcase organized when traveling. You can follow along with the video, or use the free pattern available here.

4. Tapestry crochet daisy block

With this pattern, you can make a charming daisy square in four colors. The pattern suggests making a white and yellow daisy on a pink background, but you can play around with different colors for other effects.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can continue making floral squares and put them together to make a full blanket. The site has patterns for all the flowers you’ll need to create a nine-square floral blanket.

If you use worsted weight yarn this will create a nice cosy blanket. Alternatively, you can use just one square for other projects like a wall hanging, or simply for tapestry crochet practice.

5. Reversible tapestry crochet washcloth

This tutorial is the perfect introduction to reversible tapestry crochet. It shows you how to make a square washcloth with a nautical anchor motif in two colors, breaking down the process from reading the pattern and carrying the second color to finishing the square.

You can follow along with the video as you work, and this project is perfect for beginners as it only uses two yarn colors. This means you have less to manage as you get the hang of tapestry crochet, as well as making the pattern neatly reversible.

You’ll create a completely reversible square, so the back of your washcloth is the perfect silhouette of the front.

6. Sea waves basket

This basket is a beautiful and versatile home décor item: you can use it as a fruit basket, yarn storage, or as a vase cover. The pattern features a graphic wave design in two colors that is both effective and easy to make.

The pattern includes customization options allowing you to change up elements of the basket to suit different purposes. For example, you can choose whether to add handles to the basket or keep the top simple, as well as to have a crochet bottom or a more solid wooden base.

Along with the full pattern, the tutorial also includes handy tips such as how to work with t-shirt yarn and how to adjust the size of the design.

7. Tapestry crochet clutch bag

This cute little clutch features a geometric design that looks stunning in bright, contrasting colors. The video tutorial shows you how to make the body of the bag with a graphic pattern in tapestry crochet.

The second video tutorial then shows you how to construct the clutch with a zipper closure and handy side loop. This makes this project ideal for not only practicing tapestry crochet, but also learning how to construct accessories.

With these features, you’ll have a versatile bag that not only makes a cute accessory but you can also use for storing items like cosmetics and toiletries.

8. Shamrock crochet scarf

Getting in the mood for St Patrick’s Day? Then you’ll love this crochet shamrock scarf that’s cute enough to wear all year round!

The deceptively simple pattern uses tapestry crochet in two colors to create a shamrock design on each end of the scarf, and the pattern is finished with a fringe to add a whimsical touch. Because the majority of the scarf is in a single color, this is an easy project that is perfect for beginners.

For true St Paddy’s Day flavor, it’s best made with contrasting green tones. However, you can choose to make it with any two colors you’d like.

9. Argyle Plaid Purse

By now, you’ve probably noticed that tapestry crochet is fantastic for making bags, clutches, and other accessories. This argyle purse is another fantastic example.

This pattern is for the top panel of a purse made from tapestry crochet in a striking argyle plaid design. You can pair it with this faux-leather purse base, or repurpose it for a project of your own design!

Using three colors, this project is a great stepping stone between basic two-color patterns and more complicated multi-color tapestry crochet projects. For a traditional argyle flavor, use bold red, black and white yarn.

10. Snowflake coaster

Another great entry-level project, this video tutorial will walk you through the basics of tapestry crochet. It shows you how to start each row, carry different colored yarn, and change colors to create a lovely snowflake coaster.

You’ll also learn how to add little details such as fringe around the edge of the coaster.

The pattern makes a coaster that is three inches wide and three and a half if you use fine-weight yarn. The weight of the yarn you use may affect the coaster’s final size: the heavier the weight, the larger the finished project will be.

11. Snowflake Afghan square

Snowflake motifs are fantastic for practicing tapestry crochet: the geometric design in straight lines is easy to do but looks very effective.

This two-color Afghan square features a snowflake motif and measures eight inches by eight inches. You can crochet one up for practise, stitch nine or 12 squares together to make a blanket, or use them for other projects like bags or scarves.

The tutorial  includes the full pattern to make the Afghan square and also all the materials and tools you’ll need, and helpful advice on how to crochet the perfect square.

Final thoughts

With these entry-level patterns, you’ll be creating beautiful designs in crochet in no time, from potholders and Afghan squares to scarves and baskets.

All these projects are free to access, so all you’ll need is a crochet hook, some yarn, and a pair of scissors and you’re good to go!

If you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating craft, check out our beginners guide to tapestry crochet.

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