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Knitters and crocheters love amigurumi, with its heartbreakingly-cute designs made from yarn. This style has exploded out of Japan in recent years, and you can make fun projects in the amigurumi style of just about anything, from puppies and whales to fruits and people!

Free amigurumi patterns (and tutorials)

Whether you’re looking for a beginners’ amigurumi pattern or something more complex, these free amigurumi patterns have something for everyone. Most come will detailed, step-by-step tutorials, and all are completely free to access!

1. Crochet Bert from Sesame Street

Sesame Street and amigurumi are a natural combination. This crochet Bert will make the perfect gift for any child in your life, or indeed a Sesame Street fan of any age.

The video tutorial guides you through the process of crocheting your own Bert, from tying your slip knot and crocheting the various parts, and finishing Bert’s characteristic features.

It should be noted that this project involves some reasonably-complicated techniques, so is best suited to crocheters with some experience.

There are also free amigurumi patterns for Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Elmo, so you can make a full Sesame Street set.

2. Amigurumi Snowman

This cute snowman will warm your heart on even the coldest days.

The project features some fantastic details, from the snowman’s stripy scarf to their stick arms, but it is relatively simple to make. Having said that, this is an intermediate-level project, as you need some knowledge of crochet techniques, such as how to change yarn colors.

You will need to create an account to access the full pattern online, but it is free to do so.

3. Amigurumi baby penguin

Suitable for all levels, this pattern and tutorial will show you how to make a sweet baby penguin with big eyes and rosy cheeks. For true amigurumi style, make your penguin in pastel pink or blue with a white belly.

The finished project is about 2.75 inches tall if made with a 3.0mm crochet hook.

You can follow along with the video to make your own baby penguin, and you’ll also find the full pattern in the video description.

4. Crochet Luna the Unicorn

Luna the Unicorn is a beloved character and this free amigurumi pattern will make the perfect gift for any little girl or boy.

Suitable for intermediate to advanced crocheters, this lovely unicorn features and shiny horn, glossy eyes, and contrasting hooves. It also has an impressive, curly mane in multiple colors.

The finished unicorn measures in at around 7 inches sitting. This makes it at the larger end for amigurumi, but a good size for a toy for a little one.

5. Snow White amigurumi figure

This tiny figure is instantly recognizable as beloved fairytale character Snow White.

The video tutorial shows you how to make your own Snow White, from making a magic circle and crocheting the figure to sewing the finishing touches with a tapestry needle. The tutorial walks you through all steps of the process, such as creating an increase, so all you need to do is follow along!

The same channel also has tutorials for other fairytale characters such as Tinker Bell and Princess Jasmine.

6. Amigurumi Pikachu

Amigurumi originated in Japan, so is closely associated with anime characters such as the cast of Pokémon. Therefore, Pikachu figures like this one are an amigurumi classic, not to mention the revival of this character’s popularity since the Pokémon Go craze a few years ago.

This endearing Pikachu fits into the palm of your hand but comes complete with characteristic details, including ears, tail, and bright red cheeks. The pattern includes the full set of stitches, list of all the materials you need, and assembly instructions.

7. Make your own amigurumi pattern tutorial

This tutorial is not a pattern or a project, but instead a breakdown of how you can make your own amigurumi patterns. Armed with these skills and knowledge, you’ll be able to make your own adorable figures, animals, fruits, and home items.

The video teaches you how to design your own patterns so you can make custom items – you’ll only be limited by your imagination! Of course there are different ways to do this and it’s important to find one that works for you, but this is a great starting point and will allow you to customize the many free amigurumi patterns you’ll find online.

8. Totoro Keychain

Totoro is another classic anime character that is simply made for amigurumi. This tiny Totoro keychain is easy to make, and is suitable for all levels.

The video walks you through the whole process from start to finish, from the tools and materials you’ll need, through virtually every stitch. It also shows you how to construct your Totoro, add the finishing details such as the hair and the characteristic mouth, and attach the key chain.

If you don’t want to watch the whole video but just want the pattern, you’ll find that at the 1.02 minute mark.

9. Among Us crewmate/imposter figure

Any fan of the cult game Among Us game will love this amigurumi figurine. The stylized figure is also easy to make.

It does involve making a magic circle and crocheting in the round, but the video explains how to do this in simple terms, making this a beginner-friendly project.

Simply follow the video tutorial to make your own Among Us crewmate/imposter that is around seven inches tall. Along with being easy to make, this project is also super quick: you’ll easily whip one up in an evening!

Among Us crewmate amigurumi figure
Source: Etsy / LittleJaeCrochet

10. Amigurumi lying bear

You may think of tiny keychains and palm-sized toys when you think of amigurumi, but this huggable bear is almost nine inches long. This project uses a 2.0mm crochet hook and cotton yarn, and is suitable for crocheters of all levels.

You’ll find the full pattern to make your own lying bear here, including a materials list and instructions.

11. Amigurumi sleepy doll

Many amigurumi toys are not suitable for young children because of their parts and details, such as plastic eyes. However, this “sleepyhead” sleeping baby, with its sewn-in features, is safe enough that you can give it to an infant.

The video tutorial has detailed instructions and you can follow along to make your own amigurumi baby. If you’d rather follow a written pattern, it is available here.

12. Amigurumi ugly bunny

This “ugly bunny” proves that amigurumi doesn’t need to be cute to still be delightful. The bunny’s uneven ears and misshapen face make it truly unique!

The detailed video shows you exactly how to crochet, construct, stuff, and finish your own incomparable ugly bunny. As well as following along with the video, you can also check out the written pattern here.

13. Amigurumi puppy

Learn how to make an adorable, pocket-sized amigurumi puppy. The realistic Jack Russell puppy is best suited to intermediate to advanced crocheters.

However, you can simplify the project somewhat by using one tone only rather than using multiple colors or yarn as shown in the tutorial. You can follow along with the video tutorial step by step, from sewing the different parts to attaching them together, or use the written pattern.

Final thoughts

Whether to delight your friends and family with adorable gifts, or to brighten up your own space with unbearably cute anime figures or fairytale princesses, these amigurumi projects are ideal.

The free amigurumi patterns and tutorials listed here are designed for a range of levels, but most are beginner friendly. So once you’ve mastered the basics of crochet, you can dive into the art of amigurumi.

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