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Are you always at a loss to know what to buy your partner, friend, sister or mother who loves to knit? If you have a keen knitter in your life and are always searching for gift ideas, check out our gift guide for some serious inspiration.

Unique gifts for knitters

These gift ideas range from practical storage solutions and knitting accessories to fun novelty items. What they have in common is that they all make fantastic presents for anyone who loves knitting.

1. Artbin Needle Arts Caddy

Any needle-lover will adore this practical caddy that will help them to keep their yarn and needles organized. The struggles of tangled yarn and lost knitting needles will be no more!

The caddy has a roomy central pocket for keeping balls of yarn neatly organized, as well as two accessory pouches that can be snapped on or off according to requirements. These are a needle roll with slots for both knitting needles and crochet hooks, and a zippered pouch with three separate pockets.

These pouches can also be snapped off and popped inside the caddy and the frame can be folded up for easy transport. This is also a great way to safely transport half-finished projects, by folding the caddy and tucking the project inside.

The entire caddy is made of durable polycanvas, with a sturdy metal frame, meaning it will stay in good condition even with regular use. Overall, this caddy is affordable, stylish and above all useful, making it a great gift for knitting and crochet enthusiasts.

2. Teamoy Knitting Bag

This knitting bag is another great accessory to keep knitters organized, particularly when on the go. We love this tote because it’s packed with pockets and handy features.

The main compartment has plenty of space for yarn and knitting books, and is divided into six compartments to keep everything organized. This is particularly handy for storing multiple balls of yarn without worrying about tangled threads.

There are also slim pockets on the side for sliding in knitting needles and keeping them secure, as well as a front zip pocket with multiple secure compartments for crochet hooks and knitting accessories.

An extra feature that the knitter in your life will love; the top of the bag is see-through PVC, so they can quickly peek inside without needing to open the tote. They’ll also be able to easily carry the bag with its adjustable shoulder strap and dual handles.

3. Wooden Knitting Bowl

This beautiful yarn bowl is not only practical, but it also has a stunning design. The multiple holes can be used for feeding strands of yarn through, as well as holding a pair of knitting needles.

The yarn bowl is designed to perfectly feed the yarn through as you knit or crochet. This regulates the tension of the yarn, while keeping it tidy and avoiding tangles.

This bowl is made of European ash for durability, finished with a safety coating, meaning there are no rough surfaces or stray splinters that will catch on the yarn. This wood is also light-weight, making the bowl portable.

However, it is a fairly decent size, at seven inches in diameter and four inches high. There are also adhesive stickers included with the bowl, so knitters can keep it firmly fixed to their work surface for trouble-free knitting.

Want to make your own yarn cakes of preferred size? Check out this roundup review of the best yarn winders, which can also make a great gift.

4. Knit Happens Mug

Looking for a funny gift for a knitting enthusiast? Look no further: this novelty “knit happens” mug will certainly bring a smile to their face!

Novelty mugs always make a great gift. After all, who doesn’t want a funny mug that shows their personality to brighten up their tea or coffee, whether at work, or at home?

This one is perfect for keen knitters. The mug not only features the predominant quote, but also unique detailing that makes the whole mug look like a ball of yarn.

Made from fine ceramic, it comes in light blue, white or pink.

Not only is this mug great for their morning joe, but any knitter could also use it as an organizer to hold pens, sewing accessories or even knitting needles.

5. Knitting Journal

A knitting journal is a handy way for knitting enthusiasts to track their projects. It is a place to record important details about each knitting project they make, such as the pattern, the start and completion dates of the project, and the yarn used.

From there, knitters can look back on previous projects and use this information to replicate the yarn and techniques that worked well, and avoid those that didn’t. This is also a lovely way to record their progress with the craft, and draw inspiration for future projects.

This journal has plenty of space to record each project in exquisite detail, including yarn brand, color and dye lot, gauge, amount of yarn and size of the needles used.

As a  nice, extra touch, each project page has a space where you can attach a yarn sample. The journal could equally be used for crochet projects, so it makes a great gift for both knitters and crocheters.

6. Yarn Storage Bag

Another great option for storing and transporting knitting projects and supplies is this yarn storage bag. It is a good mid-sized bag that is big enough to hold plenty of yarn, projects, and loads of accessories while being small enough to be very portable.

What we really love about this bag is the clever and thoughtful features. The central compartment can be divided into four or two sections, or kept as one large storage space, big enough for 24 skeins of yarn.

From the central compartment, there are two slits in the lid specifically designed to feed the yarn through, allowing knitters to keep their balls or yarn tidy and organized while they work on a project.

There are also plenty of deep pockets around the outside of the bag, varying from narrow pockets for knitting needles and crochet hooks to larger pockets for unfinished projects. There’s even a compact case for holding small accessories that can be clipped on to the main bag for easy transport.

7. Knitter T-Shirt

Passionate knitters can display their love of the craft with this funky knitter t-shirt. The shirt has a cool retro vibe featuring a sunset-colored heart, yarn and knitting needles.

Available in sizes from small to 3XL, this t-shirt is 100% cotton so it will be cool and comfortable for long hours spent with a pair of knitting needles. According to Amazon reviews, this one does run a bit small, so be sure to check the sizing chart carefully before placing your order.

You can choose from a wide range of colors including black, white, grey, blue, purple, and olive green, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect shade for the knitter in your life.

8. Knitting Coloring Book

Coloring books have seen something of a resurgence in recent years. As part of the trend of mindfulness, people of all ages are discovering the simple pleasure of coloring pictures and patterns.

This coloring book is all about knitting: with page after page of drawings of knitting, knitted items, and knitting stitches. The repetitive knitting stitch designs are particularly relaxing to color in – just like the geometric motifs in mindfulness coloring books!

A nice feature of this book is that the designs are on one side of the page only, so colorists can remove their completed pictures and hang or display them. They’ll even be able to share their work on social media and admire others’ designs under the hashtag #MDK coloring.

9. Neck Book Light

Sometimes the best gifts for knitters aren’t specifically designed for knitters at all. This LED neck light is designed for reading in bed or in the car, but it is also perfect to allow knitters to better see their stitches when working in the evening.

As the name suggests, it is worn around the neck with a light on each end to illuminate a book, or a knitting project. This clever design lights up the work area while keeping both hands free to work, and helping to reduce eye strain. It also has three distinct light modes: flood light, spot light mode, and flood light/spot light combo.

The light is powered with a lithium battery that will last around eight hours, and can be recharged in a couple of hours with a USB connection. This makes it easy to recharge between uses so you’ll never need to worry about running out of battery!

10. Foldable Knitting Needle Storage Case

When it comes to knitting, it’s important to keep everything well-organized (as our previous knitting gift suggestions have shown). This gorgeous, foldable knitting needle storage case will help any keen knitter to keep their needles in order, so they’ll always be able to find the exact pair that they need.

They’ll love the simple, foldable design that keeps more than 18 pairs of needles neatly organized and compactly stored. There are multiple storage pockets to hold a variety of different needles and crochet hooks up to 14-inch needles, but the case is just five inches by 15 inches when closed.

The case is made from a high-quality, sturdy polyester, so it will survive constant use and regular transport. It is available in a variety of solid colors and fun prints, so you’ll be sure to find a design to suit the knitter in your life!

11. Stitch Marker

One of the biggest challenges in knitting is counting stitches and remembering important spots in patterns. These cat-themed, ornamental stitch markers can serve as a practical and adorable reminder, allowing knitters to execute complex projects.

There are many different types of stitch markers around to help knitters mark an important place in their project. These markers are probably the most fun and decorative ones we’ve seen, in the form of colorful cat charms, each with a ring that can be hung on a knitting needle.

The set includes three non-tarnish and snag-free charms that fit on needles up to size 12, or 9mm.

12. Vintage Embroidery Scissors

A good pair of scissors is essential for knitters, crocheters, and crafters. There is no reason that this practical item needs to be purely functional, it can be beautiful too, just like these elegant, vintage scissors; a perfect example of a gift that combines functionality with practicality.

These beautiful scissors make the perfect present for any knitter or craft enthusiast. They are made of a durable stainless steel alloy, with a pointed edge and sharp blades, ensuring that the scissors don’t rust and stay sharp even with regular use.

Additionally, the scissors come in a choice of a classic straight-tip style as well as a crane shape that is ideal for making close and precise cuts. Both shapes are available in a range of vintage designs, so you’re sure to find a style that fits the knitter in your life.

13. Circular Knitting Needle Set

More and more knitters are choosing to use circular knitting needles rather than traditional straight ones. Circular needles distribute the weight of a knitting project more easily, and so are more comfortable to work with, particularly when knitting large projects.

If you have a loved one who’s looking to try circular needles, or wants to upgrade their current equipment, this circular knitting needle set will make an excellent gift. The 37-piece set includes 13 pairs of interchangeable knitting needles from 2.75mm to 10mm.

All needles are made of aluminum alloy, and are lightweight with a smooth surface that glides smoothly through the knit. This makes them ergonomic and therefore ideal for knitters with arthritis or repetitive strain injuries.

The set even comes with its own storage case to keep the needles in good condition, and everything well-organized.

Wrapping up

It can be hard to know what to give as a gift to a friend, colleague or family member. However, if your giftee is passionate about knitting or crocheting, you’re in luck – these gift ideas are sure to delight any knitter or craft enthusiast!

Go ahead and share this article with your friends and family so they can also enjoy these fabulous gift ideas.

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