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If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids motivated and make sure they keep up with their household tasks, then a cute and colorful chore chart is the answer. A great chore chart is not just for kids – you can use it to track the chores for the whole family or your roommates – and making your own chore chart is fun and easy to do!

Why is creating your own DIY chore chart a good idea?

The key advantage of making your own chore chart is that this allows you to customize it, rather than using a generic chore chart. You can design your DIY chore chart to suit the size of your family and the chores that they need to do.

You can also make it age-appropriate and even include their favorite colors and themes to get them motivated!

Of course, making a DIY chore chart will take a bit of time and effort. However, there is a huge range of chore chart projects around, from super simple to more complex.

Most of the chore charts on this list are super easy to make, and many need only a few basic supplies.

Best DIY chore charts to try

We’ve pulled together our favorite DIY chore chart tutorial videos. They cover a range of techniques, skill levels, and complexity.

1. DIY chore magnetic chore chart & jars

WhatsUpMoms’ video tutorial shows you how to make two types of chore charts: a fun wall chart, as well as unique chore jars. We love the simple effectiveness of the chore jars: all your kids need to do is move a stick from the “to do” jar to the “done” jar once it’s completed.

This is simple enough even for very young children, and the colorful sticks make finishing chores fun. All you’ll need to make these are popsicle sticks, labeler, Washi tape, and a few jars of your choice.

The wall chart uses a similar concept, this time moving magnets from one side of the magnetic board to the other.

2. Easy DIY chore chart

This project is another magnetic chore board, where your kids move chores from one side of the board to the other when done. You’ll need a photo frame for each chore-doer, as well as metal sheets, command strips, round labels, and round magnets.

This method involves more affordable supplies than buying a ready-made magnet board, and also gives you more opportunities to customize.

This one is a little more complicated than other projects on this list, as you’ll need to work with metal snips and use basic safety equipment like leather gloves. However, CoffeeBreakwithDani’s video tutorial shows you how to work safely with this equipment to create your chore chart.

3. Simple family chore chart

This chart has a simple design, but works well and looks cute to boot! We like how this covers the whole family, whether large or small.

The chart is color-coded by family members and organized by days of the week.

It also incorporates planning as well as a chore chart, including a calendar to keep the whole family in the loop. Of course, you can skip this part and just make the chore chart.

The tutorial by AuntieTay shows how to put this together, and also the rationale for dividing chores.

4. Super easy plastic sleeve chore chart

This is a double-sided chart with a to-do list on one side (with or without days of the week), and a monthly calendar on the other. It’s more for adults, but you could use this as inspiration to make a chore chart for your kids or your whole family.

It’s easy to make from affordable materials – the chart slips inside a clear plastic sleeve with dry erase markers that can be easily wiped off. Follow this video by Two Minute Stuff to make your own!

5. Cricut chore charts

If you’re lucky enough to have a Cricut machine, put it to good use to make this spectacular chore chart. In this project, you create a custom design, cut it out of vinyl with your Cricut, and then transfer it onto a metal sheet.

You then use your Cricut to print custom stickers and use these to make magnets representing each chore. We like the grid design organized by days of the week used in the tutorial, but you could design this any way you like – you’re only limited by your imagination!

Follow along with Bethadilly’s video tutorial as she walks you through this project step by step. The in-depth tutorial shows you how to design your chore chart using Cricut software, what materials to use, and how to cut and mount your chore chart.

6. Quick chore charts three ways

This video by BuzzFeed Nifty shows you not one, not two, but three different ways to make a simple DIY chore chart. Each project is super easy, and you can whip it up in less than 15 minutes!

The first uses adhesive magnetic sheets and craft paper to make cute pencil-shaped magnets. You write the names of chores on the magnets and then stick them on a metal board like the back of a tray or baking tray.

In the second project, you write the names of your chores on colored pegs and move from one side of a chalkboard to the other when done. For an extra incentive, put some cash on each peg and get your kids to earn their allowance!

The last project is perhaps our favorite. This one uses a lazy Susan to create a spinning chore wheel – hang it on a wall, and your kids can spin it to find out what chore they need to do!

7. DIY magnetic chore chart for toddlers

This simple but highly effective DIY chore chart is perfect for toddlers, but you could adapt the design for older kids too. Like a few other projects on this list, it has a “to do” and a “done” column, and your kids just move magnets from one column to the other when completed.

This one is a bit different as it uses images to represent the chores, so it’s suitable for young children who can’t read yet. RealHousewifeRachel’s video tutorial talks you through the materials you need, then shows you how to put together a chore chart in a few minutes.

8. DIY toddler routine board

This is a routine chart, but you can easily adapt the design to use it for chores. Designed with toddlers in mind, so features fun, colorful images to represent each daily activity or chore.

You will need to use a laminating machine, but if you don’t have one at home, head to your local office supply store and ask if they’ll laminate it for you. Check out Cortney K’s video tutorial to learn how to make this easy routine board.

9. DIY command center

Again, this is not a chore chart, but it’s an excellent system and a simple DIY you could adapt as a chore chart. Emily Norris’ video shows you how to make a command center that includes a monthly calendar, meal plan, school routine, and daily chores.

This is pretty extensive, but you can edit this down and use the same concepts to make a more basic chore chart!

10. Easy chore chart

You can create a simple DIY chore chart with magnets and a metal tray. The tray has two columns: “to do” and “done” – simply move the chore magnets from one column to the other when done.

You can hand write your own magnets or buy pre-printed chore magnets. The pre-made magnets look great, but writing your own chores gives you more freedom and allows you to customize to your family’s requirements.

Do It On A Dime’s video tutorial shows you how to customize magnets to make your own unique chore chart with a cute and easy bow to hang the chart. It also showcases ideas for structuring the chart by days of the week.

11. DIY Chore Chart for Teens

The DIY chore chart is designed for teens, but you could equally use it for younger children, or adults too!

We like the simple yet effective idea of using tags to represent each chore, which the child puts in an envelope/pocket attached to the board when the chore is done

You can use whatever font or style you’d like for the tags, though the video uses nice script lettering.

This video tutorial is from Smart Fun DIY.

Wrapping up

We love chore chart DIY. Most of these projects are super easy to make and allow you to create a handy tool that will keep your kids on track with their chores.

Any parent knows the frustration of chasing after their little ones to make sure they do their chores. These colorful charts will make doing chores fun, keeping your children motivated while teaching them responsibility.

If you enjoyed this round up of the best DIY chore chart projects, please go ahead and share it with your friends and family!

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