Brother CS6000i sewing machine

Made by one of the world’s most well-known sewing machine brands, the Brother CS6000i is an incredibly popular machine. A very inexpensive computerized sewing machine, it is reliable, functional, and easy to use.

This is a sewing machine designed for beginners, but it is also packed with features. In this Brother CS6000i review, we will look at the pros and cons of this model, and compare it to other similar machines.

Brother CS6000i Review Overview

The Brother CS6000i is a computerized sewing and quilting machine aimed at beginners. The machine comes with 60 built-in stitches, eight presser feet, a range of needles and accessories, and a hard carrying case.

Brother is one of the world’s premiere sewing machine brands. Originally founded in 1908 in Japan as Yasui Sewing Machine Co, the Brother International Corporation was established in 1955.

Today, they produce a range of electronic products such as printers, computers, fax machines, and machine tools, but they are best known for their sewing machines. They offer a large range of mechanical and computerized sewing machines, with a focus on providing  affordable models.

The Brother CS6000i fills a similar niche to other leading brand Singer’s 7258 model, but comes in a slightly lower price point. These two machines have a lot of the same features, though the Singer model has more stitches and a couple of extra assets.

What we like:

  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Equally suitable for both sewing and quilting projects
  • User-friendly automatic needle threader
  • Large quilting table for maneuvering large projects or pieces of fabric
  • Durable but portable

What we don’t like:  

  • Tension can be difficult to control
  • Cannot handle large volumes of heavy-duty fabric

Detailed look at the Brother CS6000i

The Brother CS6000i is packed with features, more than you may expect for the price. We have included this model in our roundup of the best computerized sewing machines. This sewing machine also has a range of benefits and advantages that will be particularly enjoyed by beginner sewers.

Ease of use

Brother CS6000i sewing machine control panel

A computerized sewing machine, it has an LCD screen that allows you to choose your stitch. While computerized machines can sometimes be overwhelming to beginner users, this machine’s user-friendly, streamlined interface makes it easy to use for all levels.

Stitch selector

The stitch selector on the display screen lets you easily see the 60 built-in stitches and choose the most appropriate one. This is a great time saver when switching between stitches, as well as being useful for beginners as it makes it easier to choose the right stitch.

Push-button controls

It also has push-button controls, allowing you to start, stop, reverse, and change speed without having to use the pedal. This offers greater control to those who struggle to drive the machine using the pedal, with the push button being fast and efficient to use.

Bobbin winder

Sewing machine bobbin winder with a red thread

Another handy feature is the easy-to-use bobbin winder. Often beginners can struggle to wind the bobbin correctly, leading to tension problems, tangled threads, and other issues. The CS6000i comes with a diagram printed on the machine that shows you where you need to place the thread, making bobbin-winding a breeze!

Comprehensive user manual

Brother provides a very comprehensive user manual with clear instructions on how to use the machine. This makes it easy for beginners and other users to make sure they are using the machine correctly, as well as troubleshoot any issues.

This model also has a powerful light that brightly lights up the sewing area, meaning you can clearly see your stitches as you sew and check for any issues. This is particularly useful when sewing on dark fabrics.


This machine comes with a good number of presser feet – eight in total – which includes both sewing and quilting feet. Among others, you’ll get a walking foot, a spring-action quilting foot, an overcasting foot, and a zipper foot.

Adjustable sewing speed

The machine also has a very useful adjustable sewing speed feature, going up to a maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute. You can use the foot pedal to control stitch speed as you would with a manual machine, or select from one of the three computerized speed settings. 

This gives you easy control over stitch speed, meaning you can keep speeds lower while you’re learning and speed up as you get more confident. Additionally, its built-in free arm allows you to easily sew sleeves, pant legs, cuffs, and other small, fiddly projects.

Another great feature of this machine is it’s quiet operation, meaning you don’t need to worry about disturbing those around you. Great for those who love to sew late into the evening!

Great for quilting

Brother sewing machine with a piece of quilting fabric

Although this is a versatile machine that is great for various kinds of sewing, it has a number of features designed specifically for quilting. Above all, the extra-wide table is perfect for accommodating larger projects like quilts, giving you enough space to maneuver.

There are  also some presser feet included with the machine that are ideal for quilting, such as a walking foot that allows you to easily feed and stitch multiple layers of fabric. There is also a quilting guide that shows you a set distance between rows, allowing you to sew perfectly spaced rows of stitches.

Durability and portability

Despite its lower price point and lightweight frame, this model is hardworking and durable. It is a well-made machine that, if well maintained, should last you for many years.

Although not a heavy-duty sewing machine, this can handle some thicker fabrics like denim, though you will need to have a denim foot and denim needle.

Being lightweight, the CS6000i is also extremely portable. It comes with a hard protective case that you can easily slip on and transport the machine. 

This also makes this machine a great option for serious sewers looking for a second “travel” machine to take to classes or sewing bees.

Auto needle threader

The Brother CS6000i’s automatic needle threader makes threading your machine quick and easy, unlike with a manually threaded machine. 

With  this machine, all you need to do is put the needle threader in place, run the thread through the guides, and the needle will be magically threaded for you at the push of a lever. This is not only great for beginners who struggle to thread the needle manually, but is also a  time-saver and kinder on the eyes.

The automatic needle threader on some machines can be pretty confusing, sometimes so much so that this feature becomes a downside rather than an asset. The great thing about this model is that the threader has a numbered diagram right on the machine, making it extremely easy to use.

Needle up/down

Another great feature of the Brother CS6000i is the needle up/down stop position selector. You can select whether you want the machine to stop sewing in the needle up or needle down position.

Having the needle stop in the down position is ideal when quilting, as it allows you to easily turn the fabric and change the sewing direction. On the other hand, having the needle stop in the up position means you can pull out your fabric and tie off the thread, so is needed when you have finished a line of stitches.

Therefore, being able to easily switch between these two positions is very useful. 

Changing the needle stop position on this model is as easy as a press of a button, making manoeuvring fabric whether sewing or quilting a breeze.

Problems and Issues

Overall the Brother CS6000i is a very reliable machine, however there are a few minor disadvantages to this model.

  • The tension on this machine can be a little difficult to manage. Getting the tension right is one of the most common challenges for beginner sewers, and unfortunately, this is especially true on this machine. If the machine is not threaded with both the needle and the presser foot in the up position, sewers may experience tension issues. Of course, the easy fix to this problem is to make sure you thread the machine with the needle and presser foot up!
  • This model does not have adjustable presser foot tension, meaning that tension issues may occur when using the standard presser foot. The solution to this is to always use the appropriate presser foot for the fabric and sewing technique you are using. Given the machine comes with eight presser feet, you should be well equipped for most situations.

It should also be noted that this is not a heavy-duty machine. It is suitable for regular sewing and quilting use. However, if you’re looking to sew heavy fabrics or produce professional projects, you should look for a machine designed for that purpose.

Alternatives to the Brother CS6000i

As mentioned, the Brother CS6000i is a reliable, easy-to-use computerized machine for sewing and quilting. It is great for beginners in particular, though it does have its weaknesses. 

If you are looking for a heavy-duty machine, or a machine for specific purposes, other models may be more suitable.

Brother CS6000i vs Singer 4423

At a very similar price point, the Singer 4423 is a manual, heavy-duty alternative to the Brother CS6000i. This machine is not computerized, meaning you will need to set stitches, sewing speed, and other aspects manually. It also has only 23 built-in stitches compared to the Brother CS6000i’s 60.

However, the Singer 4423 is built with a heavy-duty metal frame and has a powerful motor. This means it can sew high volumes of heavy fabrics on a regular basis with no issues. It also has a high sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute.

Read our full Singer 4423 review.

Brother CS6000i vs Singer 7258

Singer’s computerized alternative to the Brother CS6000i is the Singer 7258. This fills a very similar niche to the Brother machine, being easy to use, great for beginners and packed with functions and features for both sewing and quilting.

The Singer 7258 is a little more expensive than the Brother CS6000i. With this extra expense, you get 100 built-in stitches compared to the Brother CS6000i’s 60, and ten included presser feet instead of eight.

The Singer also some extra handy features like a see-through bobbin case. Another point of difference is the 7258 is built with a sturdy metal frame meaning you can use it with more heavy-duty fabrics.

Read our full Singer 7258 review.

Brother CS60000i vs Brother CS55055PRW

An alternative from Brother is the CS55055PRW. This is an even more affordable option, at a very low price point. This is also a very good computerized machine for beginners, though it boasts fewer features than the CS6000i.

The CS55055PRW has 50 built-in stitches and five automatic buttonholes compared to the CS6000i’s 60 stitches and seven automatic buttonholes. 

The main difference between these machines is that the Brother CS6000i is a comprehensive sewing and quilting machine, whereas the CS55055PRW is only really designed for sewing, lacking the quilter’s table and other features.

Also, although they are both great for beginners, the Brother CS6000i will allow sewers to advance and develop their skills more as they become more confident.

Wrapping it up

The Brother CS6000i is a computerized sewing and quilting machine for beginners. This doesn’t mean it is just for beginners – this model will also be suitable for advanced sewers looking for a reliable and affordable sewing machine for home use.

Overall, this is a great machine for beginners not only because it is so easy to use, but also because it’s many features and functions allow beginners to grow with the machine and expand their sewing and quilting range.

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